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    Brian Leonard - The Facts

    With the first offical start of #23 commig up, here are some facts about him.

    Before Brian Leonard, it used to take the earth 365 days to revolve around the sun. Then in the fall of 1976, after Brian Leonard hurdled a linebacker he hit the ground so hard the shockwave caused the earth to slow and since then it now takes the earth 365 and 1/4 days to revolve around the sun.
    Brian Leonard is the reason we recognize leap years.

    Some people wear Superman pajamas.
    Superman wears Brian Leonard Pajamas.

    Brian Leonard has counted to infinity. Twice.

    Brian Leonard once walked into Greasy Tonys.
    The building is no longer standing.

    Brian Leonard has the greatest Poker-Face of all time. He won the 2003 World Series of Poker, despite holding only a Joker, a Get out of Jail Free Monopoly card, a 2 of clubs, 7 of spades and a green #4 card from the game UNO.

    Brian Leonard can drink an entire gallon of milk in forty-seven seconds.

    Brian Leonard is the only man to ever defeat a brick wall in a game of tennis.

    Brian Leonard can slam a revolving door.

    Brian Leonard can divide by zero.

    Faster than a speeding bullet ... more powerful than a locomotive ... able to leap tall buildings in a single bound...
    yes, these are some of Brian Leonards warm-up exercises.

    After taking a steroids test doctors informed Brian Leonard that he had tested positive. He laughed upon receiving this information, and said "of course my urine tested positive, what do you think they make steroids from?"

    Brian Leonard once scored a touchdown while playing hockey.
    The extra point was good.

    Brian Leonards IQ can be expressed simply as a sideways eight.

    Brian Leonard once played 18 holes of golf using a 12 inch strip of rebar and a sun dried tomato. He shot a 54.

    Brian Leonard can hit you so hard that he can actually alter your DNA.
    Decades from now your descendants will occasionally clutch their heads and yell "What The Hell was That?"

    Brian Leonard is not only a noun, but a verb.

    When somebody yells "Last one in is a rotten egg,"
    Brian Leonard is never the rotten egg.

    There is no Control button on Brian Leonards computer.
    Brian Leonard is always in control.
    I know alot of it is the same old Chuck Norris stuff but its funny to see someone make it all about Brian.


    By the time you are done reading this,
    Brian Leonard will have scored another touchdown.
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    Drew Guest

    Re: Brian Leonard - The Facts

    with our current injury jinx i just pray we dont see a leonard leap till Jax is fit again!

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    Re: Brian Leonard - The Facts


    Smiled and laughed all the way through that fact sheet, Stoke! I'm sure we'll be seeing Leonard on both sides of the ball. ...Look out cowboys defense -- and offense!

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