(On the new faces on offense this season)
“I’m excited with the way the guys are working. We’ve had a great offseason. I mean, just a great offseason, getting a guy like (T) Jake Long and (TE) Jared Cook in free agency and then the draft we had just speaks to (General Manager) Les (Snead) and (Head Coach) Jeff (Fisher) and the whole organization and their commitment. I understand why (QB) Sam (Bradford) has a smile on his face for a lot of reasons, obviously the weapons and obviously not having to learn a new system. It’s been a really great offseason. Guys are working hard. It’s been fun to watch them work.”

(On WR Brian Quick’s progress)
“He’s doing a lot better. Last year he actually made some plays when we used him. We used him kind of sparingly a little bit. He’s stepped up this year. He’s just much more comfortable. He’s able to think a little bit. There was a period yesterday where we got some tough looks defensively from the defense and maybe something he would have missed last year, route adjustments and stuff, he nailed. He’s doing really, really well. I think even coming back in training camp and hearing it again will be great for him.”

(On if he’s ever been around an offense that is so young at running back and wide receiver)
“Probably not. It’s kind of exciting. If they weren’t working so hard, if they were struggling a little bit mentally – which I’m sure they’ll have their days – I’d probably be a little bit nervous, but they’re doing really well. Again, Coach (Fisher) helps us by setting up the structure where we can get a chance to visit with these guys and do the installs a couple different times, which certainly helps them. A young group, but a very fast, explosive group, so there’s a tradeoff there.”

(On what a rookie has to do to impress him)
“Certainly just watch some of the playmakers that we’ve had. You see guys making one-handed catches, guys making guys miss out in space, that gets you excited. For me probably as a coach, it’s the attention to detail. It’s them playing hard, playing fast, getting mad if they make a mistake. All of that stuff is exciting. There’s a whole list of guys. You talk about (RB) Zac Stacy, (WR) Tavon Austin, some of the guys that we signed as college free agents, they’re all working hard. We try to do a good job of when they do make mistakes, which they’re going to make mistakes, try to find a positive and then make the correction. Good group of guys, fun to come to work and work with them.”

(On the competition at left guard)
“Chris (Williams) and Shelley (Smith) are rotating. Obviously Rokevious (Watkins) is a guy that we’re going to swing around a little as well. Again, we’ve got two guys that played for us last year. They actually...we went by series if you guys remember the last two games, Tampa Bay and Seattle, and didn’t give up a sack against two pretty good front fours. It’s been fun to watch them compete. They’re both (in their) second year in the system, but both of them actually missed training camp last year because we got them both late. Again, you see they’re leaps and bounds ahead of where they were last year, so that’s making the competition even more fun to watch.”

(On WR Austin Pettis)
“I think if you guys watch him, he does a great job of coaching these young guys. He’s a professional. Quite honestly, he’s probably having the best camp of all the skill players. He’s just a tireless worker. Very competitive. He can play all the spots, which helps. He’s having a tremendous spring.”

(On QB Austin Davis)
“He’s doing good. The thing Austin did last year, he didn’t always know what he was doing, but he did move the team in the preseason and ultimately that’s what you’re trying to get done as a quarterback - to move the team. This year you see him being much faster with his decisions, maybe a little bit more accurate with his throws. He’s got a better feel for what we’re teaching footwork wise. Again, another guy having a good spring.”

(On how he sees the running back situation evolving and if they could use a ‘committee’ approach)
“Absolutely. Right now the competition is let the guys roll a little bit. Daryl (Richardson) and Isaiah (Pead), Zac Stacy is a guy that’s doing great. Terrance Ganaway’s a guy that we like. You need multiple backs in this league. We’re going to try to play to their strengths. With ‘Jack’ (Steven Jackson) last year, it was a little bit different. It was harder to do the committee because every time you took him out, you knew you were missing his leadership and his toughness. This year I think we’ve got nice pieces to try to blend in and differently attack people.”

(On how the rotation will be impacted by the backs’ ability to pass protect)
“That will be the biggest question because obviously ‘Jack’ gave us that. Our defense gives us some really tough looks, which has been good. We ask a lot of our backs, and again, so far, so good, but there will be some things that come up that we’ll just coach them up and show them video. That’s how these guys are going to learn. They’re going to learn by making mistakes and the more that they see now will help them when we get to the season opener.”

(On if he will be challenged to adjust the offense to fit the strengths of the personnel)
“I think we’re still trying to find what our identity is going to be. It’s a work in progress. I think we’re starting to kind of get a feel for it, but nothing’s done yet. That’s the hard part. What personnel groupings? How do they fit? How do you mix pieces around? Who can learn different spots? Who can’t? Then again, working out the competition. It’s a good problem to have, I promise you that. We’re enjoying it. It’s been great.”