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    bright spots

    This is really tough, given how bad this loss was. Aside from better draft picks, here are todays bright spots.

    1) the season will end in one more week
    2) jeff wilkins is fantastic
    3) dane looker runs forward on punt returns
    4) torry holt is a great ram. playing through the pain, another dominating performance. ike did fine as well.
    5) fairchild and marmie will be gone in one more week. frankly, i think fairchild is worse than marmie, he has a LOT more talent to deal with. Run wide on 4th and short again and again. what an idiot.
    6) hargrove and little both showing a pulse
    sadly, i cant think of much else.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    Rampage39 Guest

    Re: bright spots

    i really like looker as our PR. its also amazing how holt keeps on dominating with his lingering knee injury. lets just hope the rams can start the new year off with marmir and fairchild gone.

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    Tony Soprano Guest

    Re: bright spots

    Holt is really something. He's the real thing.



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