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Thread: Brighter days ahead

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    Brighter days ahead

    I was thinking about it today. The Rams are going to be a special team soon. We have our young gun in Bradford, and lots of us don't even realize how special he is. We picked the absolute perfect year to go 1-15 and grab the top quarterback with pick #1.

    We have tried to get talent around him. Lloyd will be a great option for him. Especially because he will get so much attention he will open things underneath for guys like Jackson, Kendricks and Salas.

    If we draft a WR in this upcoming draft, Sam will go crazy next year (lets assume its Blackmon).

    #1 - Lloyd/DX
    #2 - Blackmon/Clayton
    Slot - Amendola/Salas/Pettis
    TE - Kendricks/Hoomanawanui

    We have surrounded him with some talent. I believe another WR in the first round will absolutely solidify everything around him. In 2-3 years he and his young counterparts will grow together. We will be solid soon. We're building a sure fire team. From the inside out, and a consistent performing team. Not a team like the Eagles that are hit or miss. One game they will put up 40 and then they struggle to do anything.

    I can't wait to see what Bradford can do with Lloyd. I hope its better than the combo of Newton to S.Smith. I think it will be very similar. Both WR's are guys that can go deep and take the top off the defense, and both QB's can deliver the ball, obviously Bradford being the better and more accurate one.

    I truly believe we will be back in a SB within 5 years. I sure hope its soon.
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    Re: Brighter days ahead

    Its disappointing for a lot of us because we thought this was the year we would start to make that move. But I see what you mean. We've had some sloppy play, but also bad luck. We lost our top 3 corners before we even got our feet wet. Bradford lost his security blanket with Amendola. The defense can't play like they want because of the holes at DB. The aggressive style would leave the secondary exposed, so Spags has to cross his fingers and hope the front 4 can generate pressure. We're not good enough to do that just yet.

    So we sacrifice this year, resign Lloyd and use the high pick for Blackmon. With DX and Clayton, we could have something at WR next year. We could use more depth at LB and CB. Bottom line is, this team needs to learn how to win. Even if it sacrifices some draft position, we need to start picking up some wins in the 2nd half to gain confidence. I hate the whiners, but their confidence is sky high right now. And I don't believe they're as good as they've been playing. But when they walk onto the field, they believer they're gonna win. Can we say that about the Rams?
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    Re: Brighter days ahead

    I still have a lot of faith, hope, and love ( the three fundamentals of life) for this team, despite the consistent, mind-boggling blunders week in and week out that cost this team dearly. Every Sunday morning I wake up, I am thinking about our game that day ( if we are not on bye, of course). I always have THAT to look forward too, despite the losing, despite looking awful, I see positive signs nonetheless. It is my inspiration for that day up to the point where the game is over, whether we play Sunday 1pm ET, 4pm ET, 8:30 pm, or MNF, I ALWAYS get hyped up and inspired by this team because I know they have so much potential, they just have to put it together properly and win a few to get some confidence. I can clean my house, work on my Honda Torneo SIR-t, or go on the PS3 to play video games, whatever it is, I have my RAMS to look forward to every gameday.

    As far as being in a SB within 5 years, I think its a very real possibility. That, in my mind, is simply too much time for us NOT TO BE ABLE to put the a winning product on the field and also, more importantly, develop chemistry and gel together. However, for that to happen, these draft picks have to start showing, on a CONSISTENT basis, that they can produce at or higher than the draft position they were selected. So far, to be honest, I have not been THAT impressed with most, if not all. But I still think there is room for improvement and that they should be given more time. If we can get this out of Salas, Kendricks, Pettis, Fletcher, Long, Lau, Quinn, Smith, Saffold, and co then we will be MORE than equipped for the years to come with solid FA acquisitions, of course. This is where Stan Kroenke and co have to get to work, ASAP!!!

    But to allude to your point also, Snackdaddy, yeah, heck, who knew at the start of the season we would have so much bad luck; the "perfect storm" as AvengerRam stated in another thread. When you lose your top two corners to season ending injuries, when your offensive line play regresses from the previous season, your security blanket Amendola goes down for the season, and the lack of OTA's and offseason to install a new offensive system, PLUS coupled with the hardest schedule in football, compared to last year's 2nd or 3rd easiest schedule? Its just not something that you could have said would happen all in one year. Its just not fair.

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