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Thread: BRM - Remembered

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    Cool BRM - Remembered

    Its the Anniversary of the passing of BigRedMan, one of ClanRam's stalwarts.

    I like to remind everyone about Randy and what he meant to me and what the ClanRam meant to him.

    Randy was a HUGE character, on the this forum and in real life. He would dominate the ClanRam Bash every year and tended to dominate (when allowed, the forums in ClanRam )
    I miss the big guy very much. I am sure he is now a veteran on the roster, playing behind the pearly gates.

    BRM - Remembered-bash-party-3-.jpg

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    Re: BRM - Remembered

    Thanks for sharing this story Dez, I was not around in those times of this Randy, but as a born Randall I can appreciate his name more than most! We Randy guys are a rare breed he seems to have been quite a character only hope the same can be said of me one day...

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    Re: BRM - Remembered

    The Rams' defensive line in Heaven: Deacon Jones, Lamar Lundy, Merlin Olsen, Randy

    He is truly missed here at the Clan.

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    Re: BRM - Remembered

    I had some of the best times of my life hanging out with Randy, especially the night before the 2006 game against the Faiders in Oakland . He loved to torment me, and I loved every minute of it. The world was a better place with Randy.

    God bless him.

    BRM - Remembered-dsc00351.jpg

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    Re: BRM - Remembered

    I still have Randy on my Facebook friends list...I guess I always will.

    Saint Louis
    of Los Angeles

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    Re: BRM - Remembered

    As do I.

    I only met him once in life (Rams@Whiners game) but interacted with him on here often.

    Quote Originally Posted by RamsFanSam View Post
    I still have Randy on my Facebook friends list...I guess I always will.
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    GO RAMS!!

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    Re: BRM - Remembered

    Big Red sent me a nice PM and though I replied, I regret not keeping in closer touch with him here. Was very sad when I learned he was terminally ill.

    Thanks Dez.
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    Re: BRM - Remembered

    I didn't realize the sticky had changed. Just wanted to repost this so people who may not have known him or are new to the board can get a glimpse of the man we loved so much.

    Here are a few of the things that I miss about Randy and why the world is worse off without him in it:

    1) His humor. His goal in life was to make people smile and laugh, and he succeeded at it very well.

    His last post on here, fittingly, was a joke and was made 3 weeks before he lost his battle with cancer:

    Quote Originally Posted by bigredman View Post
    Aye, my wit is as sharp as ever, and the fact that I have grown a pair of shirt puppies myself!

    2) His generosity. I have met few people in my life as generous as Randy. He would literally give you the shirt off his back. The first time I met Randy in person was when he bought my ticket, hotel room and food for a Rams game up in Whinerville, when I was going through a rough spot in life. I didn't ask for it, he just offered it out of the kindness of his heart. He was well known for buying up half the raffle tickets at the bash, winning every prize and giving the winnings away to other people, usually kids.

    3) His affection. I think there are more pictures of him hugging or kissing people than not. This guy was all love, all the time.

    4) His posts. His humorous posts on here are sorely missed and this board is not the same without him. For those who may be new and may not have been able to enjoy bigredman's posts, here are a few of my favorite threads Randy made hilarious:

    A butt is a butt is a butt
    BigRedMan in his Birthday suit!
    The game vs the Vikings is guaranteed win

    5) His smile. Boy could that thing light up a room.

    We miss you Randy! You will always be in our hearts!

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