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Thread: Brock Berlin??

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    PHAT-MONEY Guest

    Brock Berlin??

    what about brock berlin's chances of making the team?? i really like him, and the people on the chat room will tell you that!!

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    Re: Brock Berlin??

    I was just wondering the same thing about Derek Stanley. I know we are deep at WR, but he looked good in the first pre-season game. Fitz looked pretty shaky to me, but should beat out Berlin as these games progress.

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    Re: Brock Berlin??

    Quote Originally Posted by Bruce=GOAT View Post
    I was just wondering the same thing about Derek Stanley. I know we are deep at WR, but he looked good in the first pre-season game. Fitz looked pretty shaky to me, but should beat out Berlin as these games progress.
    We have to find room for Stanley IMHO. ...and I think Berlin has a real good chance of making the team as the #3. His pocket awareness seems a bit better than Fitz, or at least, after one game, it was better. Fitz had better step it up if he wants to keep the job. He's had more time in the system, and yet Berlin looked more comfortable. Berlin wins round one.
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    Re: Brock Berlin??

    It was only one game but he looked much better that Fitz....gonna be an interesting battle between the two in the last 3 preseason games. So far my money is on Berlin.

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    RamOfDenmark Guest

    Re: Brock Berlin??

    Seems like every time we hear something from the team, Fitz is their clear favorite, he must be doing well in camp and practice because it's been a while since we've seen anything good from him, and yes Berlin was better in preseason week 1. Fitz started out his career well a while ago (the comeback against Houston etc.) but since then he hasn't really shown us anything whenever we've seen him. I agree with the consensus that Fitz better show us something soon, we need to see that he is a legitimate developmental QB that could maybe someday in the future take over. I think the battle should be close for QB #3, but then again, what you hear is that Fitz is clearly their man and that Berlin is just a camp guy, so it may not be so close in reality. If Fitz does not show anything this preseason and we still carry him through the season I think that next years draft may be the time for Linehan to take a QB (on day 2) that he feels comfortable with and feels that he can develop into what he wants eventually, and see how that works out. Maybe Fitz was better suited to play for Martz, in that case using a low pick on a developmental-QB next year would be a good move for Linehan.

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    helorm341 Guest

    Re: Brock Berlin??

    I know Martz loved Fitzpatrick. He always said he was a great qb that could be a starter someday. Love Martz or hate him, he does know qbs. Fitz was also hurt in the preseason game and has a lot more experience then Berlin does, we'll probably never see either during the regular season, so I'd rather go with Fitz. Either way it's really not gonna effect us. If both Bulger and Freotte go down, i think we're screwed anyway.

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    RamsFan16 Guest

    Re: Brock Berlin??

    Fitzpatrick was a Martz man. Berlin looked much, much more comfortable than Fitzpatrick out there. Berlin made a few nice plays and showed some mobility. Fitz just looked uncomfortable and lost.

    My money is on Berlin to make the team.

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    Re: Brock Berlin??

    I think today's game (yeah, 2:11 A.M. here, so it's Saturday) will tell a lot. If Fitz still looks bad and Berlin looks good, then the Rams will have to think. Fitz can look great in practice all he wants, but I want to see him step it up on the game field.

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    jkramsfan Guest

    Re: Brock Berlin??

    fitz may have been a Martz guy,but had he worked with Berlin he may have thought just as highly about him,I have never been a big Fitz guy,so I think unless he performs much better then he has its Berlin as the #3 QB, and as someone said earlier God help us if we have to use either of the guys who make the team at #3 QB.

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    blood85 Guest

    Re: Brock Berlin??

    Berlin looked better than Fitz, but it's only been one preseason game, let's see what happens today.

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