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    Bruce=GOATs forecast for rest of season (Long)

    It is the mid-way point of the season and the Rams limp in with a breakeven 4-4 record which is the same as last year at this point. Hopefully we will manage more than 2 wins the rest of the way this year (vs. last seasons second half mark). The Rams offense has been rolling right along averaging almost 23 pts per game after a slow start. The defense however has regressed greatly in recent weeks yielding almost 25 pts per game and getting destroyed by the run and torched on 3rd down. Pisa should help anchor our run D the rest of the way with his great tackling and ball hawking skills. Our offense can and will score with anyone as long as we limit our turnovers. Here is how I see things the rest of the way:

    The second half of the 2006 season begins with a tough road game against the defending NFC Champion Seattle Seahawks. We must capatilize on the Seahawks being shorthanded this week although we have not done so thus far. They are without Alexander, Tubbs, Locklear and Hasselbeck this week. Pisa Tinoisamoa while still listed as questionable has experienced much less swelling in his hand and will hopefully play possibly coming off the bench. He will be a big key for our run defense in what could be a big day on the ground for both teams. It is expected to continue to rain in Seattle all the way through Sundays game. I expect another big day for Steven Jackson on a nasty field piling up rushing yards this week. If the Seahawks play deep zone defense like the Chiefs did, expect a lot of underneath passing again.We win this one in a squeaker and are tied dead even for the division lead with a 5-4 record.

    @Carolina--Win-- 6-4 record. Carolina is a very tough team at times with a 4-4 record currently and 2-2 home mark. They have trouble scoring at times however and have been giving up loads of points. Losing Morgan at MLB has hurt and they are generally ravaged by injuries at this point. Rams win in another close one as Panthers can't stop Bulger and Co.

    San Francisco--Win 7-4 record. The Rams have had a terrible time against the ***** the past two seasons. The 3-4 D has held the Rams in check, but the law of averages says that the Rams finally put it all together and pull out the home win.

    Arizona--Win 8-4 record. Another home win against an Arizona team that is dangerous on paper, but has seemingly imploded once again. Edge seems unhappy (again) and Dennis Green is a sitting duck after his blowup after the meltdown vs. the Bears on MNF. Leinhart, Fitz and Boldin will be a dangerous trio for years to come, but the Cardinals have too many holes to do well at this point. Rams should win this game fairly easily.

    Chicago (MNF)--Loss 8-5 record. The Bears were due a letdown and it happened last week at home vs. Miami. That being said, Chicago is a very good team especially on Defense. Their defense should be able to force plenty of fumbles vs. the Rams and could pummel us in front of a huge MNF audience.

    @Oakland--Win 9-5 record. Oakland has a miserable offensive line, a terrible QB duo and a poor rushing attack. Their defense is decent in pass coverage but awful vs. the run. Expect another big day for Steven Jackson and a big win on the road for the Rams.

    Washington--Win 10-5 record. Washington has a decent offense with Santana Moss always a threat to break a long TD, and Clinton Portis ready to carry the team on his back and run through our suspect defense. The Redskins defense is fairly good against the run but poor against the pass and last in the NFL with only 2 interceptions. This will be a tough road game late in the season but one the Rams could and should win.

    @Minnesota--Win 11-5. Minnesota possesses the leagues top run defense yielding less than 70 ypg. They have been able to intercept the football often this year, but will have trouble against our deep WR core. Tom Brady exposed their secondary by going to 4 receivers for 372 yards simply throwing over their overly aggressive defensive front finding holes galore. Hopefully Bulger will be able to find as many holes in their dome where he should be in for a huge day.

    I know 11-5 is very optimistic, but I think Haslett will shore up our run defense by blitzing from different positions as he did vs. a tough Broncos team in week 1. Pisa's absence has been crushing in recent weeks as our defense is a very diffent entity without his presence. Our offense is hitting on all eight cylinders and should continue to put up piles of points for the duration of this season. I think this season will be a very good one from this point forward beginning with a huge road win on Sunday vs. the hated Seahawks. Sorry for a lengthy post, but just interested in throwing my opinions out there. Any input from other clannies would be greatly appreciated.

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    Re: Bruce=GOATs forecast for rest of season (Long)

    Wow a nice positive outlook on the rest of the season. What a refreshing change from the doom and gloom posts that we have obliterating the Defense and leaving them like dead soliders on the field.

    Anything is possible goat boy, and you may be right. The Rams may pick their sorry arses up and play some good ball. They might even be getting mad about now. I would love to see a pissed off defense show up in Seattle.


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