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    Re: Bruce needs to stay next year

    Bruce happens to be my favorite player of the Rams..ever. I basically grew up as a Rams fan watching Ike, the Legend. And I don't say I want him back because he's a favorite of mine or because of the fact that he is going to be a HoF Receiver (he is already) and that I want all his catches to be in a Rams uniform..that is not it. He simply is better than Bennett at this age STILL, and continues to show that he can beat out these much younger DBs on the field with his crisp routes he runs. No one does it better than Holt and Bruce and stating the obvious...He just needs to stay so we can keep a better receiving core. I am begging the Rams FO to either pay him or reconstruct the contract somehow. Hell I'd much rather have Bennett's reconstructed considering he hasn't done anything whatsoever.
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    Re: Bruce needs to stay next year

    this is not looking good for next season already,first Linehan gets to stay and then Ike may go,this could be considered rock bottom for a Rams fan.

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