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Thread: Bruise Easy ??

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    longfan Guest

    Bruise Easy ??

    It appears spags is a coach that intends to beat you into submission with brute strength... on the o' side of the ball...

    the line he is building is going to be young and very large... brute strength...

    we have picked up the best blocking bruising FB available... we already had one of the best banging RB's in the league...

    we have one of the best TE's in the game when healthy.. he's a big-un himself, and hits when he takes a mind... or when the team has a chance to win...

    all this leads to this question...

    Anquan Boldin ?? we got the money now... we need a wide-out...

    he meets the mold, i would not be surprised...

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    Re: Bruise Easy ??

    Oh hell yes, im just not so sure they would release him to a division rival..

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    Re: Bruise Easy ??

    From what I have read the Cardinals want a 1st, 3rd and 6th round draft pick for Boldin. So besides paying him 8 to 9 million a year we would basically cripple our draft.

    If there was any other way I would be all over getting Boldin on this team.

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    Re: Bruise Easy ??

    Yeah i dont see the cards giving boldin up for nothing.. but they do have Larry so c'mon cards stop being so selfish!
    Defence Wins Championships

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    longfan Guest

    Re: Bruise Easy ??

    after reading some of the replies...

    as nice as it would be, i would be surprised now..

    thats alot of cash... and alot of picks...

    but i love to see receivers that dont fall down when they catch the ball... i.e. holt and bruce the last few years...

    run after the catch didnt exist.... of course bulger was hanging them out to dry alot of times...

    me being from kentucky i would love to see burton explode for the rams next year, and he is very capable of that...

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