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    Angry The Bucs Stop Here!!

    :shield: The Monday Night game versus the Bucs will be a true test for the rams. The Bucs D is not very consistent against the run anymore. With Mike putting in Marshall and Trung throughout the game this can give us an edge. The QB state for the Bucs has been not good , even with Brad Johnson. Warren Sapp is just a loud mouth. He needs to show up and shut that japp period. Grant and the Boys will give Brad a dose of Rampower. We cannot afford to lose to the Bucs especially with a divisional game against the *****. The ***** looked ok if not for Indy's turnovers. So just to get ourselves set for the playoffs every possesion is crucial. Kurt has looked not himself lately. I hope we can protect him better down the stretch. Monday is a big game and we need to have a good game. THE FIELD GOAL

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    MsWistRAM Guest
    As long as Warner gets that cortisone shot in his thumb, he'll be good to go. No worries!

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