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    Build The Perfect QB

    I've done this before, but it usually changes over time...

    Build the perfect QB by combining characteristics of active players. Here are the components:

    Eyes: Ability to see the field; Accuracy.
    Mind: Ability to read defenses.
    Reflexes: Ability to execute decisions quickly; Release speed.
    Arm: Ability to make all types of throws; Arm strength.
    Body: Ability to absorb hits.
    Heart: Ability to lead; Poise; Determination.
    Legs: Ability to run.
    Feet: Ability to avoid hits in the pocket.

    Here's my FrankenQB:

    Eyes - Peyton Manning
    Mind - Tom Brady
    Reflexes - Marc Bulger
    Arm - Peyton Manning
    Body - Duante Culpepper
    Heart - Brett Favre
    Legs - Michael Vick
    Feet - Donovan McNabb

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    Re: Build The Perfect QB

    This sounds like fun, AV. Here's my shot at it compared to yours:

    Eyes - Peyton Manning
    Mind - Tom Brady
    - I would flip-flop these two. I don't think anyone can read a defense like Manning. He knows more about the proper disection of a defense than any player today. As for Brady, he is the best at progressing through his options, which is seen in the efficiency of their offense and the receiving stats spread across 6 different guys.

    Reflexes - Marc Bulger - No question. I don't know if it's just talent or our crappy O-line, but Bulger has the most precise internal clock in the league

    Arm - Peyton Manning - This would be a close-one, but you're right Manning gets the nod just slightly over Culpepper in my book. Although until the past couple of years, this was Favre's to lose.

    Body - Duante Culpepper - Another close call between DC and David Carr. Carr took 76 sacks as a rookie and led the league this year with 49. This kid's head is gonna be scrambled eggs before he's 30 if they don't get him a line. However, DC gets the nod because he hangs on to the ball, 0 fumbles lost with 46 sacks this year.

    Heart - Brett Favre - might as well name this one the "Favre Award"

    Legs - Michael Vick - one-third of all starting RBs didn't rush for as many yards as Vick this year

    Feet - Donovan McNabb - I'm going with Jake the Snake on this one. Maybe it's from playing behind an abysmal Cardinal O-line for so many years, but he has gotten pretty good at dancing in the pocket to create space.
    "Before the gates of excellence the high gods have placed sweat; long is the road thereto and rough and steep at first; but when the heights are reached, then there is ease, though grievously hard in the winning." --- Hesiod

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    Re: Build The Perfect QB

    Eyes: Brady
    -Honestly, I think Brady does a great job of seeing the field. His one interception in this year's post-season is an indication of that.

    Mind: Manning
    -You can't argue with a guy who is basically his team's offensive coordinator. Manning's ability to audible at the line and take advantage of all defenses but New England's gives him the edge here.

    Reflexes: Bulger
    -Probably the fastest release in football, and his decisions are getting better and better by the day.

    Arm: Favre
    -I still think this is Favre's to lose. He's still got a cannon. Vick's arm is pretty good as well.

    Body: Favre
    -What can I say, 200+ consectutive starts is hard to argue with. Favre's taken some injuries, but he manages to play through them.

    Heart: Brady
    -If this is defined as poise and determination, I think it has to go to Brady. Favre is a good choice, but in the last couple years in the playoffs, he hasn't done that well individually.

    Legs: Vick
    -No brainer.

    Feet: McNabb
    -After watching him avoid some of the Patriot defenders this weekend, I think I have to give this to McNabb. He's pretty ellusive, although call me a homer, but I think Bulger is becoming quite good at this as well. Hell, he's pretty much had to behind his line.

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    Re: Build The Perfect QB

    Eyes - payton manning
    Mind - payton manning
    Reflexes - marc bulger
    Arm - donaven mcnabb
    Body - dante culpepper
    Heart - kurt warner-ive always thote he has a great heart
    Legs - mcnabb
    Feet - mcnabb-if he ran he ran which i think is a good thing it shows his overall talent


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