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    Bulger/Faulk interview

    Posted by:RFIP

    Marshall is in town for Marc Bulger's golf tournament and they just played an interview. Some of the notes (as remembered from a fellow fan

    On Bulger: "I look for Marc to have a break out season this year, not that he hasn't had good years but I think him getting hurt actually helped him last year to see the game from a different perspective."

    On Marc's yardage/#'s: "Marc doesn't care at all about #'s. He's play will show up in wins and losses. He's a "saavy" veteran now, he's not a young kid anymore, and I've seen him grow up."

    On new coach: "It's my 6th in the NFL and it gets old after a while. He is very perpared, you can tell he's been an OC for a while. He knows how to answer questions correctly too."

    On the offense: "I say it's rookie friendly. A rookie can come in and play because you may not pick it ALL up but, you can pick up a lot real fast. Enough to be able to play."

    On the Steelers biggest challenge: "Get ready for 16 weeks of Super Bowls. NO ONE will come un-prepared to play them, but I'm sure coach Cowher will have them ready."

    On if he's talk to Warner: "Oh yes, several times. He's so excited to have Edge in the backfield. Not only to run the ball but for blitz pick ups. And Kurt is in love with his "weapons..."

    On his role: "It was old hat with Martz, everything was heal to toe. Now everything is new but, that's your job. They pay you to play for whoever the coach is. I take it as a challenge to learn it (new offense)."

    Side note: The interviewer is a local twirp (Tim Benz) who said "there was more eye candy (babes) than ANY PLACE he's ever been. He was raving about Bulger's sister's being red hot.

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    Re: Bulger/Faulk interview

    And Kurt is in love with his "weapons..."

    Whoa, thats a bit creepy


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