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    Bulger or Frerotte

    Do you guys think Bulger or frerotte should start next week against Arizona? I say put in Bulger for the 1st quarter and see how he does considering the cardinals pass D is not that great. If he is taking too many hits thanks to our injured line then we should bring in Frerotte. Bulger today against Dallas missed alot of open WR and he threw a clumsy INT in the red zone. After the 1st quarter it cannot hurt to give Frerotte a chance. We really dont have much to lose.

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    Re: Bulger or Frerotte

    I think he needs to sit out against the Cardinals. I think we play the Ravens in two weeks, so he really needs to rest. The Cardinals aren't any better than the Rams and I think Gus should be able to exploit them. Too bad we still won't have Steven Jackson back, but I actually think the Rams will win tho... Damn injury bug, this season reminds me of the 05-06 season when the Rams went 6-10.

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    Re: Bulger or Frerotte

    Marc Bulger shouldn't see the field again until he's either 100% healthy or has had a consultation with the Jamie Sommers medical team.

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