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    Bulger On His Injury

    Posted >Tue, August 18, 2009 02:50
    by Nick Wagoner

    - Quarterback Marc Bulger says he is not in any serious pain but did express some doubt about whether he'd be back in the two week time frame. But he does know he'll be ready for the season opener in Seattle. "That was still within 24 hours of doing it , so I donít know any future plans, but Iím going to 100% going to be in for Seattle and thatís all Iím thinking about," Bulger said.

    - Bulger said he received a call yesterday from Kurt Warner, the Arizona quarterback who went through something similar with the Rams. Bulger said he would try to catch up with Warner but everybody heals in a different way. "I know he did this in 2000, just to see how I can get back quicker, but I think everyoneís body is different," Bulger said. "Iíve seen guys come back from things that were amazing, and my body has healed some times and guys donít understand how. So Iím just going to trust the trainers and coaches and my body that Iíll be back when Iím ready.Ē

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    Re: Bulger On His Injury

    As long as he's ready for season opener, that's all that matters. And I mean READY!

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    Re: Bulger On His Injury

    But he does know he'll be ready for the season opener in Seattle.

    I hope so. In the meantine, he should be watching as much film as he can about the Seahawks. He will be at a disadvantage because of his lack of practice time with all these new guys around.

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