QB Marc Bulger

November 14, 2007

(On the improved performance of the offense in the last two games)

“I’d say a big part of that is Steven (Jackson). You can’t ignore the fact that when he’s in there good things happen. He just brings that energy we need in the huddle and if we can keep him healthy I think we’ll continue to get better and score more points.”

(On being more in sync with his receivers against New Orleans than any other game this year)

“I think just having that extra second to let them get open. Those guys know when I’m getting hit early that they have to break their routes off short and our timing gets off, but when they know I’m getting time and the line’s going, they can get that extra move and know that I can hold it and they can get that separation. There’s definitely more separation this week than in the past and I think that’s because of the line giving me more time.”

(On WR Drew Bennett)

“His health is good – that helps. We worked on that play in the end zone. We didn’t hook up earlier in the year. I threw an interception because I don’t think we were on the same page. We made a conscious effort to work on that. We got the matchup we wanted and it was just nice that we practiced it while the defense was going last week and it paid off. He did a good job on some deep routes, too, so if we can keep getting him going it’ll take some pressure off of Ike (Isaac Bruce) and Torry (Holt), too.”

(On the ***** pass rush)

“It’s a 3-4, which is a little different. They do like to blitz the inside guys a lot. I just don’t think we played well up front last time. I think would tell you that. We did get some big plays and threw for a lot of yards, but it was at the expense of getting me killed. We just have to do a better job up front of establishing a running game, which will help. I think our defense is playing better. If they can give us some good field position, that will help. If we play from behind, that hurts, too.”

(On being named NFC Offensive Player of the Week)

“When you’re a quarterback and you get it, it’s a whole offensive award. When receivers get it or a running backs gets it, it’s an individual thing. It’s not a big deal, it just shows that our line played well, our receivers played well, Steven played well. It’s a good thing for our offense.”

(On how you become a better team at this point in the season)

“Keep winning games. You hear college coaches and NFL coaches say how good of a team you are, but in this business it’s about winning and the bottom line. If you’re 1-8, you’re not a good team. If we can win a couple more games and get a more respectable record then I can say we’re a better team, but we’re still 1-8 and that’s a bad football team in my opinion.”

(On if there is a sense of relief after having a big game like he has been come accustomed to)

“Yeah a little bit. Like I’ve said in weeks past, you can throw for a lot of yards but if you’re not winning, you are turning the ball over and things keep going wrong, you keep looking at yourself in the mirror and try to figure out what you are doing wrong. I really didn’t change anything. I prepared the same. You can take a deep breath and say ‘it’s not what you are doing, it’s just the execution.’ To come out and play the way we all did, I think that its just execution it’s not how we are preparing or lack of effort.”

(On how weird it is for the Rams to be playing the ***** with both teams struggling to this point in the season)

“It’s always been a huge rivalry. When I first got here both teams were really good and we had their number for a little bit and they have had our number for a little bit lately. I can’t remember but I don’t think we’ve won since that Sunday night game about three or four years ago. It’s still a good rivalry; it’s a tough place for us to play in particular. We know that they have been struggling and we have only played well one week so it is going to be a tough game.”

(On if it seems like the field is always wet out there)

“Yeah the field is actually pretty good out there; I just remember it is a little bit windy. The crowd is usually in to it I’m sure it will be the same. They have good fans there. When you get tickets for your family they put them back in that corner and their locker room is bad too. It’s not too fun of a place to go play for a visiting team.”

(On the ***** having a good record against the Rams over the last few years)

“They’ve had our number. I know one of our wins was in overtime. It is one of those things where it is an old rivalry that is sticking there. We kind of started thinking about Seattle maybe as more of our rival but I think this one goes back farther and maybe for a couple years we didn’t take it as serious as we should have as a rivalry and they have. It is just something where we understand the importance of this game this time around. We are going to just try to build some momentum that we got going last week.”

(On him getting hit a lot in the last meeting with the ***** and where it ranks in his career for how many times he was hit)

“Yeah that was top two if not number one. I still have some bumps from that game that I am dealing with.”

(On what would rival that game)

“There are a couple. I know the Carolina playoff game. I was pretty beat up after that one. The Atlanta playoff game too.”

RB Steven Jackson

November 14, 2007

(On if it feels good to get the first win)

“It definitely does. It allows us to move on. Getting that first one was going to be the toughest one and now that we have that, maybe we can steamroll and start picking up some wins and get some steam.”

(On if he made it through the game ok)

“Yes I did. I am fine and had a good practice today.”

(On the backfield looking different now with him being healthy, Brian Leonard at fullback and Antonio Pittman backing him up and how he thinks the backfield will shake out and the potential it might have)

“Well Brian definitely gives us an option at fullback because when he is not blocking he is like an extra receiver on the field. So he gives us an advantage in that area. To get Pittman some game time and some carries, especially against New Orleans last week, it is pretty meaningful to him and allows him to grow and get better as well.”

(On what happened with keeping his touches down and then ending up with 27 touches for the game)

“Yeah I think that went out the door.”

(On when he last threw a pass in a game)

“Never, that was my first time. It was a surprise. When it came into the huddle I was thinking ‘No, no way. We are going to call a timeout or something.’ For it to happen and to get a completion it was big. I think that it really set us over the top. Everyone loosened up after that and it allowed us to just play football.”

(On how much they have worked on that play in practice)

“We have a section in practice where we work on trick plays once a week. Not often.”

(On what he remembers about his last meeting with San Francisco this year)

“I know it was a tough game. We moved the ball pretty well but we didn’t score in the redzone. That kind of held us back in that game. Coming into this week, we have to be able to execute in the redzone, put ourselves in good position and continue to not turn the ball over.”

(On how good it was to be able to contribute for a whole game and on Marc Bulger attributing much of the team’s success to him being in the game)

“It definitely felt good to be out there with the guys. I can’t take all the credit. Our offensive line did a great job of providing time for Marc. Having the threats of all the guys on the field with Torry (Holt), Isaac (Bruce), and myself, I think it really makes the defense pretty stressed out.”

(On if there were any scary moments during the game with his back or if he was able to put his past injuries out of his mind during the game)

“No. It really doesn’t take a big shot. Any hit can kind of make it act up so I just put it out of my mind and if it was going to happen, I was hoping it would happen on a good play.”

(On the ***** having a good record against the Rams over the last few years)

“Any time you lose a division game it sticks with you. You want to come out and win the NFC West and for us not being able to get that many wins against San Francisco in the last couple years, it is kind of frustrating. They know our personnel and are pretty familiar with us so it just makes for a good game every time we meet up with each other.”

(On if he has ever seen a smaller Guard than Nick Leckey)

“No I’m bigger than him. Actually, last week I asked him how much he weighed and he said ‘290-295’ and I said ‘if he is 295 then I don’t even want to know how much I weigh.”

(On if he thinks that they will be able to carry the momentum of the last game into this week despite the injury situation)

“It definitely gives us momentum. We have to make sure that the offensive line is able to once again stay healthy and grow together. We have had a different rotation all season so if we can get those guys to start gelling and allow Marc some time and open up some running lanes, what you saw last week is what we can do over the next seven weeks.”

(On how things are different after a victory)

“Well, your injuries definitely don’t hurt as bad and the mood is pretty good. You play the game to win and when you come up short, at least for me, it sticks with you the whole week.”