Mini-Camp III: Day 2 Ė QB Marc Bulger Ė June 5, 2009

(On what he likes about this West Coast offense)

ďI like the other offense, obviously, but (with) this one you always have a quick throw built in. Not always, but usually and you have a lot more audibling. So once I get real comfortable with the offense, Iíll be able to get to a quick throw if I need to rather than have to go back seven steps every time and hold onto it. Itís a lot more pressure on the quarterback, but at the same time itís more quarterback friendly in that respect.Ē

(On how much closer he is to knowing the playbook and having a break coming up)

ďWeíre taking good notes and theyíll collect our playbooks, but I have enough notes for this summer. I think weíre way ahead of where we were last mini-camp. Weíve been doing a lot of red zone, two-minute no huddle things. So it will be all review at camp, which is nice. I could go out and Ė I donít know if we would play a game great, but I think we could actually line up and call plays now. So we got to the point where the verbiage isnít as bad and things starting to click a lot better.Ē

(On if he thinks the tight end will be a lot more involved this season)

ďI think so. I think any offense you try to play to your strengths and Randy (McMichael) and Daniel (Fells) look great right now and itís going to be tough to keep them off the field. Hopefully, we have a lot more receivers than we need and everyoneís fighting to get on the field because thatís when you know youíre in good shape. When we were rolling here before I remember it was tough to have enough balls to go around. And thatís the kind of problems you want to have.Ē

(On who is the new Torry Holt and who is the new Isaac Bruce)

ďWe have a ways to go. I donít think there will ever be another Torry and Isaac, but our guys are working hard. Theyíre starting to make plays. I think they are playing faster now because they are starting to learn whatís going on. I think itís evident from just being here the last couple months.Ē

(On if he is getting used to hearing offensive coordinator Pat Shurmurís voice in his helmet)

ďNot yet. Weíve only used the radio a couple times. I like it so far. Itís been a different voice the last couple years, so hopefully Iíll be hearing his voice for awhile.Ē

Mini-Camp III: Day 2 - FB Mike Karney Ė June 5, 2009

(On his relationship with RB Steven Jackson)

ďItís going really well. Weíve had a chance to hang out off the field which I think is very important. Iíve talked about it before. Heís open to it. Not every guy is always open to wanting to talk about what is going on out there, but he knows itís important and itís going to do good things for us come this Fall.Ē

(On what he and Jackson do together)

ďOn the field, just letting him know what Iím seeing and asking him what heís seeing, get on the same page. And watching film too. I donít care if itís mini-camp, if itís practice, if itís walkthrough, just trying to get on the same page. Thatís the most important thing. Thatís what allows a fullback and a tailback to coexist and do well on Sundays and help the offense. Thatís what weíre doing and itís been going really well off the field. Heís Steven and Iím Mike. Weíre just normal people having fun.Ē

(On if he has played in a West Coast Offense before)

ďI have. I played in it my rookie year and my second year. This is a little bit more, a little bit different. Thereís a little different wrinkle to every West Coast (offense). I like this one a lot. This is a fullback-friendly West Coast offense. Thereís a lot of reps and Iím a little bit more sore than Iíve ever been coming out of practice because thereís a lot more for me to do. Thatís good though. Itís a great offense and I think right now guys are starting to get the hang of it. Itís a big thing all the terminology, and the new verbage is long, but once you get down the basics everything kind of correlates and makes sense. After that itís just repetition.Ē

(On how his role in this offense compares to his role with the New Orleans Saints)

ďMy activity and involvement has increased immensely, but thatís what I was used to my first two years in the league. I was playing 50 percent of the time. West Coast offense is a lot of fullback. Like I said, Iím more sore than Iíve been in the last couple years, but I like this offense. Down in New Orleans we ran a piece of the West Coast (offense). It wasnít as much as the West Coast Ė a lot more play-action, a lot more passing obviously. Iím excited about this offense and I think guys are starting to get the hang of it and all we can do is continue to get a lot of repetition with it and just continue to get better.Ē

(On if learning this system is like re-learning what he did in his first years in the league)

ďComing in I remember the terminology a lot better than I thought I would. For me itís just knowing your fits. The West Coast offense is all about everyone being in the exact position at the exact time and just getting to know where they want us to be because every coach has their way of wanting it done. Thatís the biggest thing, is getting that down.Ē

(On how similar Strength Coach Rock Gullicksonís program is here compared to New Orleans)

ďI was with Rock my first two years and I told guys when I got here and we started getting going, I said ĎRockís changed things up a bit.í I think itís been for the better though. I think the things weíve been doing with Rock in the weight room and out on the field are really starting to carry over. I think youíre going to see the effect of that in the Fall. Right now everyoneís probably trying to get their bodies used to it, but once the Fall comes and guys are used to it youíre probably going to see a little bit of difference. I think the core work that we do, the core stability stuff that heís added, has been the difference from my first years being with him. Itís huge not just for myself, but for everybody because that stuff goes a long way Ė having a strong core. You can be strong on the bench. You can be strong on the squat rack. You can power clean the house but if you have a weak core youíre not going to be too effective being a football player. Those are the things that Iíve seen change and itís good to be back with him. I think guys are really enjoying what heís bringing to the table.Ē

(On if he thinks the fullback position has become more or less important around the league)

ďItís a roller coaster ride playing fullback. You get a few years where itís really high and you get a few years where itís really low. The last few years youíve seen a lot more one-back and h-back (sets) and a lot more play-action and a lot more passing. But my first three years in the league where four or five of six it was all two-back. You looked at L.T. (San Diego Chargersí running back LaDanian Tomlinson). You looked at Ahman Green up in Green Bay. You looked at Steven (Jackson) when Madison (Hedgecock) was here. I think itís coming back. I think you saw this year with New York (Giants) and Carolina. Pittsburgh had a little fullback in there at times. I think itís very effective. I think itís on the upswing which is a good thing. I think in this offense that we have itís only going to help that for our position in the future.Ē

(On if the soreness heís had after practices is a ďgood sorenessĒ)

ďItís a great soreness. Iíve been telling my wife and family. Itís great soreness. Now I can gauge whatís going to be asked of me this Fall more so than I have in the last couple years down in New Orleans. You donít know. When youíre coming out and your hip flexors are more sore than theyíve ever been Ė I had hip flexors at one point. My hamstrings. A lot more involvement (in the offense), thatís a good thing. I think itís good for everybody though.Ē