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I believe that this team, such that it is, won't get better until we hit bottom.

It sounds harsh, but bulger is the bad apple in the bottom of the barrell that is the St. Louis Rams.

Management dearly wanted to avoid chaos by addressing these other needs first while bulger hung on to the tiller. They lost the gamble on bulgers durability, but here we are. That's why the F.O.B.'s hang on. They don't think so much that "bulger's a warrior", get real! bulgers the last remnants of the good old days. The cozy comfort of winning.

Had bulger not been injured we would still be having these arguments, we would still be in chaos, and we would still be faced with replacing him. After last years performance who can honestly say they expected otherwise?

Lets go on. We'll get over it.
Way more better! I can pretty much agree with you, I just thought your previous statement was a bit harsh. Probably frustration and/or 'heat of the moment'.

As any team releases any player they move on and (mostly) get over it. I think the team 'gets over it' faster than the fans do, however!