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    Bulger is set to return for Rams on Sunday in Seattle

    By Jim Thomas
    Tuesday, Oct. 16 2007

    Two weeks of down time was enough for Rams quarterback Marc Bulger. Ready or
    not, he and his two broken ribs return to the starting lineup Sunday in Seattle.

    "I'm playing," Bulger said Monday afternoon as he was leaving Rams Park.

    "Our intention is to start him," coach Scott Linehan confirmed later.

    Bulger hasn't played since the Rams' 35-7 loss to Dallas on Sept. 30. He
    reminded reporters Monday that it was never his intention to sit out any games.

    "I didn't pull myself two weeks ago," Bulger said. "I was ready whenever. So
    I'm ready now, believe me."

    Bulger said the time off helped the ribs.

    "They definitely feel a little bit better," he said. "You know, I haven't been
    hit (in two weeks)."

    But Bulger said they're far from healed, noting that his ribs didn't feel right
    last season from a less severe injury until March or April.

    It was tough for Bulger to watch teammate Gus Frerotte struggle through a
    five-interception, six-turnover performance Sunday in a 22-3 loss in Baltimore.
    All told, Frerotte committed nine turnovers in two starts in place of Bulger.

    "The only quarterback that hasn't gone through that is one that hasn't played,"
    Bulger said. "It not necessarily that Gus is playing bad.

    "He's not getting help. He's getting hit. A defense like that (at home)
    gets momentum. There's blood in the water and they keep coming. ... As a
    quarterback, you're trying not to hold on too long, then you're waiting for a
    route (to get open), and your check-down (receiver) falls down.

    "And what are you supposed to do with it? You can't just throw it away anywhere
    because then it's intentional grounding. There's a lot of things. ... You're
    basically just trying to survive."

    That is what Bulger may be trying to do in Seattle.

    In recent seasons, the Seahawks have had one of the league's better pass
    rushes, and this year looks no different. The Seahawks are tied for sixth in
    the NFL with 16 sacks.

    Linebacker Julian Peterson, the former San Francisco 49er, is tied for second
    in the league with six sacks.

    Five years ago, in the next-to-last game of the 2002 season, Bulger suffered
    one of the most serious injuries of his career in Seattle. A sack by Seahawks
    defensive linemen Antonio Cochran and John Hilliard resulted in three
    compression fractures in Bulger's upper back.

    Although the season ended the following week, it was a six- to eight-week
    injury. Given the state of the Rams' injury-depleted offensive line and
    receiver corps, is it smart to send Bulger and his ribs back in action Sunday?

    "I don't know," Linehan replied. "I'm not sure too many people consider me the
    smartest guy in town, so I wouldn't worry about how it's going to damage my

    And from Bulger: "I don't think we have an option right now. It doesn't matter
    if it's smart."

    Bulger and Linehan expressed optimism that wide receiver Isaac Bruce would
    return after missing the past two games because of a hamstring injury. That
    would be a big boost to the club, particularly with Drew Bennett's status in
    doubt because of a hamstring injury.

    On Monday, Linehan said his timetable all along was to rest Bulger for a couple
    of weeks to at least get the ribs calmed down.

    "They may be sore, but the extreme discomfort that was hampering him from being
    able to throw the ball like he's able to throw it (has subsided)," Linehan
    said. ... Hopefully, we can protect him better."

    As for all those injured blockers and receivers ...

    "There's nothing we can do about the guys, ... when they're going to be back,"
    Linehan said. "We've got to try to win a football game."

    The fact that Bulger is eager to return at less than full health to help
    win a game says something about his leadership qualities, Linehan said.

    "Marc's always been about what's best for the team and wanting to win," Linehan
    said. "It's kind of a spark. We're looking for something looking for a
    return(ing) player on offense to spark the continual return of some of these
    other players. Things can turn fast for us when we start getting players back
    on the field."

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    Re: Bulger is set to return for Rams on Sunday in Seattle

    Message to O-line:


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    Re: Bulger is set to return for Rams on Sunday in Seattle

    When will steven jackson be back, I thought he had a slight injury

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    Re: Bulger is set to return for Rams on Sunday in Seattle

    Considering the O-line can't block, is it smart to put Bulger back in? Bulger is the future of the Rams, where as Ferrot is passing through. If your going to get your QB, hammered, obiterated, or otherwise crucified...let the 2nd stringer get eaten alive.

    I've had broken ribs before, and don't recall them healing that quick--must be something in the water

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    Re: Bulger is set to return for Rams on Sunday in Seattle

    It seems that this has more to do with Marc telling the team he WILL start than them pushing him to return. I just hope that if our O-line isn't offering him protection, the coaching staff has the brains (courage) to pull him before he gets hurt any worse.

    What I really want to see is Bulger return with a vengence.
    That's my story, and I'm sticking to it!!

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