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    Bulger shoulders the pain

    By Jim Thomas
    Of the Post-Dispatch
    Wednesday, Dec. 08 2004

    It looks like Chris Chandler will be the Rams' starting quarterback for the
    Carolina AND Arizona games.

    In his first comments to reporters since suffering a bruised shoulder Sunday
    against San Francisco, Marc Bulger said his target date for a return is Dec. 27
    against Philadelphia.

    "I think we're shooting for Philly now," Bulger said. "Best case, hopefully, I
    can be back for next week. You hate to guess right now. You don't know after I
    can finally throw if it's going to flare back up. So I'm going to rest it a
    week and then see."

    The Rams play at Carolina on Sunday; and then travel to Arizona for a game Dec.

    Bulger said the shoulder has improved since Sunday's game. So he might try some
    light throwing Monday or Tuesday, "just to see how it reacts."

    For the most part, Bulger said the discomfort in the shoulder isn't too bad.

    "But throwing a football is obviously different," he said. "If it was my left
    shoulder, I think I could play. But being the right shoulder, throwing the ball
    is just about impossible right now.

    "I obviously can't sleep on it. Can't put any pressure on it. Anything going
    across my body hurts a lot worse than anything going away from my body. The
    throwing motion kind of goes across, and that's where I run into problems."

    Bulger said he has been sleeping on his back since the injury, which apparently
    has led to some noisy nights. "I think I snore a little bit on my back," he

    Bulger has yet to receive any miracle shoulder cures from fans.

    "I got some cookies from a neighbor, that's about it," Bulger said.

    Bulger suffered a bone bruise in his throwing shoulder at the top of the
    collarbone against San Francisco. The shoulder was X-rayed at the Edward Jones
    Dome. But Bulger then left with team doctor Matt Matava for an MRI exam at
    Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital.

    "We were driving out there listening to the game on the radio," Bulger said.
    "It was definitely a weird feeling."

    The Rams wanted to get an MRI as soon as possible because of concerns over a
    possible shoulder separation in the AC joint.

    "I felt it click when I went down," Bulger said. "Immediately that's what I
    thought - the AC."

    But Bulger and the Rams were relieved to learn that it was just a bone bruise.
    A separation in the AC joint probably would have sidelined him for the rest of
    the season. And such injuries also can affect a quarterback's throwing well
    into the future.

    "I mean, there's a little bit of fluid in the AC (joint), but I think that was
    probably old stuff," Bulger said.

    Against San Francisco, Bulger was injured with about 1 1/2 minutes to play in
    the opening quarter, when ***** defensive tackle Bryant Young eluded Rams
    offensive tackle Grant Williams and sacked Bulger for a 10-yard loss. Bulger
    said he couldn't be mad at Williams, who has been struggling with shoulder and
    elbow ailments of his own.

    "I honestly don't know who gets beat when I get hit during a game," Bulger
    said. "It's not like they're not trying. Hopefully, Torry (Holt) wasn't mad at
    me when I set him up a couple weeks ago. It goes both ways, and it's just

    Holt suffered a concussion Nov. 14 against Seattle on a late and high throw
    from Bulger.

    Bulger said he was just getting full strength back in his shoulder from a
    similar injury Oct. 24 in Miami before Sunday's injury.

    "I wasn't able to bench press for two, three weeks after Miami," Bulger said.
    "It was finally getting back to the weight I was (lifting) before."

    Until now. Against San Francisco, Bulger made his 28th consecutive start, the
    second-longest streak for a Rams quarterback since the move to St. Louis in

    Tony Banks started 43 straight games from early in the 1996 season until late
    in the '98 campaign. Kurt Warner had separate streaks of 26 starts (1999-'00)
    and 27 contests ('00-'02) which were ended by finger and hand injuries.

    If anything, the time off might freshen up Bulger's arm, although he'd
    obviously rather be playing.

    "Especially since we're in first place now," he said. "And from the game last
    year, it would've been nice to get to play Carolina. But fortunately, it's not
    season ending and we're still in the thick of things."

    Carolina knocked out the Rams 29-23 last season in double overtime in an NFC
    playoff semifinal.

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    Re: Bulger shoulders the pain

    You know, I hate to see Bulger hurt, and this was bound to happen since the O line isn't providing protection for him, but I am still irritated that Bulger was still in the Green Bay game, late in the game, when they had no chance of winning. Second and third sting players should be out there at the end of game if the game is out of reach. Bulger took a snap with one second left in the game when they were down by what.... 30 points. What was the point of that?

    Bulger, hope you get better soon and eat some more cookies. Cookies are good.

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    Re: Bulger shoulders the pain

    Agreed 100%, Utter. After Davenport scored on that 40-yard touchdown run, he and some others should have been out of there.

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    Re: Bulger shoulders the pain

    Quote Originally Posted by NickSeiler
    Agreed 100%, Utter. After Davenport scored on that 40-yard touchdown run, he and some others should have been out of there.
    I actually missed most the game because the dogs are retards and I was at the emergency vet's office getting their stomachs pumped. Sometimes life is too interesting for me.

    I did come home to see the remainder of the fourth quarter and I couldn't believe the starters were still in and playing at the end. The hit on Bruce looked really painful. I am not surprised that he didn't do so well this last game. Bodies are not that flexible.

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