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    In Bulgers defense...

    Marc has been put in an uncomfortable situation by the poor and unmotivated play of some of his teammates. He came out and got it off his chest. Good for him, was it the right way to go about it? Doesn't really matter now it's done.
    This evening on the NFL Network with Marshall Faulk as part of the crew. Marshall was asked about the Bulger situation. Marshall's response was that in the past Marc or who ever would have brought the situation to him and Marshall would have gone to the coaches or the players themselves. So I feel for Marc, this is not something he would usually do but the frustration got the best of him. The way Marshall said it is that Marc probably feels terrible now and wishes he could take it all back.

    It's obvious to me now that our offense has been missing that leader that everyone could go to, that leader being Marshall. So who steps up and takes the bull by the horns? Not Ike, not Holt, the mild mannered Marc Bulger. Nice job Marc, right or wrong I'm with you on this one.

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    Re: In Bulgers defense...

    your dead on with that,i think most everyone will back bulger on this,it may wish he didnt say it, but as rams fans we are glad you did.

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    Re: In Bulgers defense...

    im glad he said it

    the quiet word in the ear obviously didnt work, so the outright public embarrasment method is the only way forward. the only way to get things to change is to take action, and Bulger did that, so good for him.

    it must be frustrating for a guy who could easily be a pro bowler when he doesnt get the pass blocking he needs


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