I'm not gonna lie, I've always liked Bulger. But as I was watching the game today I found myself extremely angry at Marc. Some of his throws made me furious. His decision making was bad, as he tried to force it to Avery in triple coverage. He also missed a wide open Dante Hall on a critical third down, instead he threw it to a covered Avery. And after the pick I was ready to can him.

But as the night went on I calmed down. The truth of the matter is that the Patriots front seven completely manhandled our o line. I'm not sure that all five of them at once could have blocked Richard Seymor. He was a beast, and throw in Adalius Thomas and we were in trouble. And there was also that one play that either Ty Warren or Vince Wilfork went UNBLOCKED. How can you miss a 300 plus pound man? Something has to be done, I blame the o's inability to move the ball on the offensive line.

So what do we do, because i continue to have faith in a few o lineman. I judge them on their ability to block, not how many penalties they commit. I believe that can be fixed, lack of talent can not. It is under that theory that I support Richie Incognito. I remember one specific run play where I saw Barron and possibly Bect getting up BEHIND the line of scrimmage. Richie was the only lineman in the pile where Pittman was. IMHO this means he must have got his block, where as the other two were left in the dust.

I'm not ready to give up on Bell yet either, heck we need to give him at least one full ear before passing judgement.

Orlando is getting old, it happens. He was the BEST in his prime, but that has past. He is a detriment to this line. They can't keep guessing whether or not he will play. We need new, young blood through the draft. And we need him to start day one.

I'm not sure about Barron, I think he just isn't playing up to his potential. he makes too many crucial mistakes, I hate to say it because I've liked him all along. He did a good enough job last year. I hope he can mature, but it's getting close to the time to move on.

In my opinion, Nick Leckey is the worst starting player in the NFL. I cannot back up that opinion, it is just how I feel. I've read Matt Birk's name thrown around, and I am 100% for it. He may be getting old, but look what Kevin Mawae is doing in Tennessee.

So alas, all I can suggest is changing two players to shore up a porous o line. Albeit they are the two most important positions though, a stud rookie Left Tackle, to protect Bulger's blind side, and a free agent veteran Center, to take control of this line and bring some respect back to the trenches of STL.

PS, I was in a car all day since watching the game. I don't really post much, but I really needed a place to vent. Thanks Clan.