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    Arrow Bulger's safety is top job for Rams' offense

    Bulger's safety is top job for Rams' offense
    By Bryan Burwell
    Saturday, Oct. 01 2005

    EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. With each week that goes by, the Rams keep
    moving one step closer to revealing who they are and where they're going in
    this rather unpredictable football season.

    So what will we learn this week?

    Let's hope this week's revelation is that Marc Bulger no longer has to worry
    about getting all his fillings replaced. The Rams are in the New Jersey
    Meadowlands on Sunday, where their quarterbacks seem to find more painful
    memories than Jimmy Hoffa. The last time the Rams were here, Kurt Warner spent
    the night in a New York City hospital with a concussion. That's why the most
    compelling game within the game figures to be the rather uncertain duel between
    Rams rookie offensive tackle Alex Barron and New York Giants All-Pro defensive
    end Michael Strahan.

    A week ago, Barron entered the game late in the third quarter, and suddenly,
    Bulger's backside stopped getting trampled. The kid beat down the NFL's sack
    leader, Kyle Vanden Bosch, and made him practically invisible. It was an
    impressive debut for the 6-foot-7, 325-pound kid out of Florida State. The best
    part of Barron's arrival on the field was the remarkable coincidence of how the
    sputtering Rams offense stopped sputtering. This is what you expect from a
    high-priced first-round draft pick: immediate impact.

    In coach Mike Martz's high-risk, high-reward offense, a bold, courageous
    quarterback is a necessity. But the beatings Bulger has been taking lately are
    above and beyond the call of duty. He already has been sacked 15 times, which
    is on pace for a staggering 80 sacks for the season.

    Bulger won't hold up past the bye week at this rate, so it's time to form a
    more protective cocoon around him, because we've already seen what this offense
    looks like without Bugler at the helm.

    Bulger is too important to the success of the offense, so it's time this team
    starts treating him with more value. Protect him at all costs. Stop letting
    defensive players take kill shots on him. Bulger likes to joke that he doesn't
    stop feeling the aches and pains from Sunday's game until the following
    Saturday, just in time to get slammed around again 24 hours later.

    Putting Barron into the lineup ought to make Bulger's life a bit easier, even
    if the kid is about to get taken to school Sunday by a future Hall of Famer
    like Strahan. As good as Vanden Bosch was last week, Strahan has forgotten more
    football than the Titans' pass rusher will ever know. Strahan holds the
    single-season NFL sack record. NFL wise guys gush about him because Strahan is
    one of those rare players who possesses moves no one else has.

    The good news is that at 33 years old, the 13-year veteran has slowed down a
    bit and has been known to take a few plays off during the game. He's also
    lighter than he has been in some time. But any bit of game film you look at
    tells you Strahan still is going to be a handful. So, no matter how much prep
    work Barron got this week going against Leonard Little, Tyoka Jackson, Anthony
    Hargrove and all his other defensive teammates, it won't give the kid any clue
    what he's about to deal with.

    Strahan's greatest strengths are what allows him to feast on long-armed, tall,
    inexperienced athletic pass blockers like Barron. Strahan uses his arms like
    sledgehammers when he engages linemen, and even for the most sophisticated
    veteran blocker, there are no counters when Strahan swings that muscular club
    that either will stun you or knock you off balance.

    Martz certainly will help Barron, bringing tight ends and running backs over to
    chip away at Strahan. But eventually, the kid will be asked to stand on his own
    against Strahan, and he'll have to respond.

    The formula for long-term success for the Rams seems to be simple: The revamped
    defense needs to continue to make hard hitting and sure tackling its calling
    cards. The defense has carried the Rams for the past three weeks, which is
    great news. But the other main ingredient has to be a consistent offense that
    keeps Marc Bugler's hide safe and clean.

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    Re: Bulger's safety is top job for Rams' offense

    Barron will dominate Strahan.

    [QUOTEStrahan holds the
    single-season NFL sack record][/QUOTE]

    I don't care what anyone says, Deacon Jones is the all time sack leader. That gimme sack that Farvre gave him dose not count. :clanram:

    Adm. William "Bull" Halsey


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