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Thread: Burwell: Athletes Just Don't Learn From Other's Arrests

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    Re: Burwell: Athletes Just Don't Learn From Other's Arrests

    Quote Originally Posted by Svh01 View Post
    This is part of the problem, most people don't FEEL impaired when they get behind the wheel. If asked they will quickly tell you they are alright. Being 'impaired" clouds your judgment, so the "impaired" person is the last one that should determine if they are "impaired" or not.
    E x a c t l y.

    If asked, "how many have you had this evening", most people -- and athletes too -- will say, "two, three..." or, "Uh, I don't know". Which in this context, are both perfect answers! But once in a while you'll find the true / honest response. Watch this video ending, it's funny. So funny it makes it dead serious.

    First typical thing to say: "Let me get one thing straight - I have not been drinking..."

    NOTE: In all fairness to this man though, I'd have a terrible time 'reciting the alphabet from Z to A, in any language!'
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    Re: Burwell: Athletes Just Don't Learn From Other's Arrests

    No such thing as a 'Best drunk driver ever..!'

    Nothing 'best' about pulling the remains of a 5yr old child out from under a wheel arch having been run over by a DUI.

    Or removing the mutilated cadaver of an eight months pregnant 22yr old lady from twisted wreckage, killed after a DUI driver (whom always seem to survive these crashes) hit her head on. Later having to tell her parents (and expectant grandparents) at 0345hrs in the morning of there daughter and grandchild's death.

    I should know. I've done exactly these during my time (18yrs) as a British police officer.

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    Re: Burwell: Athletes Just Don't Learn From Other's Arrests

    My personal rule:

    If I'm driving, I either (a) don't drink at all, or (b) limit myself to one drink if its with a meal and there is at least 1 hour between my finishing the drink and getting behind the wheel.

    Would I impose my own personal standards on everyone else?

    Hell yeah I would.

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