Right now, here's how the top ten teams in the NFC look (I'm assuming a Bears win @ Arizona tomorrow), with an asterisk by the division leaders:

1. Chicago 6-0*
2. New Orleans 5-1*
3. Seattle 4-1*
4. Philadelphia* 4-2
5 (tie):
St. Louis 4-2
Carolina 4-2
6. (tie):
Dallas 3-2
New York 3-2
Atlanta 3-2
Minnesota 3-2

While the Rams, Bears and Saints rest next week, four of the remaining seven play each other (Vikings @ Seattle; Giants @ Dallas). The remaining three all have tough games (Eagles at Bucs, Panthers at Bengals, Falcons vs. Steelers).

So, at least two and as many as five of the Rams rivals in the playoff race will lose a half game to the Rams during the bye.