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    C-Mob still loves Cogs

    Ok, so he made several mistakes Sunday, an offsides, a couple of holds, ineligible downfield, and giving up a sack. First off I'll make excuses for these. Linemen hold every play, and as a "dirty" player he's gonna be targeted more. The ineligible downfield sucks, can't remember that play very well, but at least he wasn't on his butt or watching a Seahawk blow past him, right? He needs to get focused on the snap count, that's inexcusable. And we are not paying Richie to be the best pass blocker out there, he is at his best when he is making lanes for S Jax to run.

    Ok so the real reason I'm posting isnt to make lame excuses for his mistakes, but to point out something that could have been game changing in the fourth.

    (the backstory) In highschool i played as an o lineman, and the most fun i had was talking trash all game long, setting up my opponent to make a critical mental mistake. I was drilled several times when our QB gave a hard count and we went on two, usually right after I had jawed at him making him mad- most likely on 3rd or 4th and short. This was an easy way to get a crucial first down from the opponents mistake...

    (The Rams in the Fourth Quarter Sunday) On the rams possession right before the Hawks scored the tying touchdown, it was 3rd and 4. Bulger gave a hard count and Julian Peterson (who remarked how he hated Richie) blew past him for encroachment. Richie was ecstatic, he clapped several times and I could tell he had drawn him off. That should have been first down Rams, but on the other side of the field Darby flinched and the rams lost five yards. The rams then punted, Hawks drove, tied, then won.

    (Moral of the Story) There is a fine line between being a dirty player and getting into peoples heads. Richie was in Julian's, and could have extended the drive, and maybe we would have scored and won the game. All in all, Richie makes some mistakes, but he also adds a toughness and intensity to our oline. We have lots of holes, but I still love Cogs.
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    Re: C-Mob still loves Cogs

    I conceed to the need for toughness that Cog's brings to the '0' line but just use it a little smarter. Is there such a thing as smart and tough ? I think so, and the right coaches can bring that out in time. IMO

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    Re: C-Mob still loves Cogs

    Thanks CM71! Seriously.

    I've always supported The Cog, ever since we got him from Nebraska (first year mostly idle due to injury). When we had the "I support" feature here at the Clan, Richie was my first Ram there. ...As you said, he may tend to blunder now and then, especially when he addresses the fans, but my buddie is a good man.

    A little more seasoning in the NFL with us and a natural process of maturing, it'll help him become a better OL.

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