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    Calling All Southwest Missouri Rams Fans

    If you live in or around Springfield, and watch the Rams on KSFX (Fox 27), I need your help. As you know, every year, KSFX pre-empts at least one Rams game to put on the Chiefs. They do not record it for later broadcast, they do not give us a choice....they just assume people around here want to watch the Chiefs. I, for one, have had enough. I intend to do something about it NOW, before they lock themselves into a deal to rip off us fans of one of our precious games....
    KOLR (channel 10) is the AFC broadcaster, and KSFX shows the NFC games. I really don't care what thier reason is for doing the switch, I just want my Rams.
    I have it on good authority that Dan Lucy, the sportscaster for both KSFX and KOLR is a Rams Fan...(he lives across the street from some friends of ours). I want some ideas from all of you guys...maybe even official support from the Clan! know what I've witnessed it. Can we get something going?


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    Re: Calling All Southwest Missouri Rams Fans

    Rams Family...I for one am not a big Chefs fan...why they love them so damned much down here is beyond me??? Remind me, when was the last time that they won a Super Bowl?? The problem with the programming is if the Chiefs play an NFC team one weekend, then they choose it over the Rams game because they believe that there are more Chief's fans in their audience. If you know someone with NFL package, then befriend them on those weekends. Unfortunately, we get no choice and the networks don't allow for them to switch the game to any other channel when both are on the same network. It would be nice if the Chefs continue to suck and the Rams improve over last year. That way the locals will air the Rams over the Chiefs when they are on the same network. That happened once last year and what an uproar that caused. The b*tch*ng and whining could be heard all of the way to Jefferson City. It was nice for the Chief's fans to get a taste of what we have to put up with down here. Keep the faith...maybe we can get the NFL to never schedule the Chefs and the Rams to play at the same time on any given Sunday..that would avoid the conflict. :ramlogo:

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    Re: Calling All Southwest Missouri Rams Fans

    Ramsfamily...get Direct TV...NFL Ticket. You'll get every Rams game and any other game every week you ever wanted.

    Hope that helps!

    Go Rams!!! :ramlogo:


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