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    Calling Dr. Kevorkian...

    Barring a significant reversal of the current situation, i think the death watch is starting on jeff smoker. I am not suggesting that the situation cant reverse itself, but 1-1 for over 70 yards and a td is pretty tough to beat. Of course, totally unfair in that smoker got no protection at all back there.

    ramming speed to all

    general counsel

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    Re: Calling Dr. Kevorkian...

    Yebbit yebbitt,There will be a cut at QB and so far fitz has more points.Coaches will all see that and agree.UNLESS the game at Detroit he does something spectacular.
    Today fitz threw a long ball of a TD and nobody thought he could throw that deep.


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    Re: Calling Dr. Kevorkian...

    Its Going To Be Tough To Cut Smoker,all Things Being Even, Which They Werent Today, He Is Better Than Fitz, Although Fitz Is A Great Story.

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    Re: Calling Dr. Kevorkian...

    Unconscienously, Smoker may not want to make the team and play behind our
    Offensive Line. It's a lock that our Backup QBs will be playing at some point with
    that O-line (and perrenial OFF RIGHT TACKLE debacle).


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    Re: Calling Dr. Kevorkian...

    I have no doubt that Smoker can potentially succeed in the NFL. He seems to have the physical tools. But he just doesn't seem to be able to get ahold of this offense like Fitz has. Smoker came in and was a part of a bad initial series, and even though that wasn't his fault, I have a feeling everyone's going to come out of this game remembering him tripping for a loss on that drive, while Fitz gets the glory of the 78 yard touchdown pass. Unless there's a drastic turnaround, I see Smoker on the practice squad, and then eventually with someone else. Looks like Martz was right about the bad luck from wearing #9, only the change came too late. :-\


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