These are reports from fellow fans that watched the Camp show on NFL channel

For those of you who don't get the NFL Network--

Posted by RockRam

"Report on NFL Rams mini-camp visit."

For those who couldn't see it, here's the high spots:

1) Carriker is just huge. The announcers couldn't get over the size of the guy's arms, particularly his forearms. Said that he had strength and ability right now to control a guy with his hands and arms and that this was the key to his success.

2) Lots of nice things said about Wade. Things like the kid has better size than you think (in the high 190 lbs range), and that it was a surprise by many guru's that he didn't go early in the 2nd round.

3) Talked up Brian Leonard. That the jury's out on whether he can be a feature back, but can probably be an All-Pro Fullback. The Rams don't plan on turning him into a fullback, but rather use him as a very versitle RB.

4) Dustin Fry was highly spoken of; that he has a real chance to be a player in this league because of his smarts, desire, size, and that he started at center for 3 years in a major program.

5) Dukes completely convinced that Keith Jackson(NT) makes this team. Only around 305, but he's also only 6', so it's on a compact frame. Major motor, quick.

6) The Rams acquisitions in FA were discussed and the consensus was the Rams picked up some really good guys on O. Dukes especially likes the pickup of Hall and Hall.

7) Haslett was slobbering all over himself about Carriker. Said that after 1 day at minicamp you could see that the guy was going to be a serious player.

8) Seems to be high expecations for Carriker to contribute immediately.

9) The belief is also that Wade is projected to be much more than simply a nickle back or backup. That he absolutely has starting ability.

10) Some talk about Shackleford (OT) that while he will need to be developed, that he was another big school guy that could dominate at times. Big guy, strong,good attitude, needs time.

Overall decently balanced. Realistic that all the NFC West is improved so it's tough to pick a winner.


Posted by Bucky-
"Watched the NFL Channel Rams Minicamp"

It was really more of a showcase than a practice session, seemed to be done totally on Saturday. Most of the show was about Carriker. Hanifan worked Carriker out a week before the combine and said he would have no trouble moving inside due to the way he uses his hands. Jamie Dukes noted that the reason Kennedy has not been successful is his inability to get off blocks caused mainly by his poor use of hands. Carriker said that Nebraska stressed the use of hands by defensive linemen, said he focused on it during his junior year and now it's muscle memory. All indications spoke of Carriker playing both DT positions.

Leonard also got a lot of TV time mainly becaus he seemed to be the only running back. What is most impressive about Leonard is his size, his quick feet and his hands. He doesn't have a lot of wiggle but he can change direction.

Dukes spoke highly of Wade. Had him rated a second rounder and thought he might go in the first round to the Colts when the CB run in the draft occurred at the end of the first round.

Steve Savard said that Linehan likes to low key it but the Rams are thrilled to have Leonard.

Got to see glimpses of Shakleford, Jackson, Fry, Stanley, Pettway and #95 (Ryan?). Who knows? Carriker and Linehan noted that these guys have to get in better shape.

They showed Linehan running a practice and saying we have to build on the end of last year. Bulger was the QB; don't know when it was held. He said he had to work on leadership. It was my impression that he doesn't have a big presence; he talks in long sentences and wasn't shown screaming a lot so he doesn't get the attention give to some coaches who are more demonstrative.

The same show is repeated at 11. It's more fun than anything else.