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    Can it get any worse for the Rams? Yes it can

    By Jeff Gordon

    Look at the bright side. Donnie Jones can punt the heck out of the football and Dante Hall can still bust a long touchdown return.

    So the Rams have that going for them.

    Other than that, there isn’t much good to say about this team. The Rams fell to 0-4 after taking a predictable 35-7 beating in Dallas.

    Quarterback Marc Bulger played hurt and played terribly, making all of us wonder why coach Scott Linehan waited so long to summon back-up Gus Frerotte into the game. Bulger misfired on 13 of his 24 passes and got intercepted in the end zone, again.

    He never got comfortable in this game because of his broken ribs. He absorbed three sacks and several other brutal hits.

    Bulger looked nothing like the Pro Bowl quarterback we’re used to seeing here. This game was painful for him to play and painful for us to watch.

    The battered Rams offensive line lost still another player to injury, fill-in right tackle Adam Goldberg. Brandon Gorin replaced him for the rest of the game and the Rams will have to pull another blocker off the street this week.

    Maybe the team will finally get guard Richie Incognito back from his high ankle sprain. Or maybe not.

    With Steven Jackson shelved with his torn groin muscle, the Rams couldn’t run the ball either. Rookie Brian Leonard gained 58 yards on 16 carries in his absence and caught one pass for one yard.

    Tight end Joe Klopfenstein was supposed to help the makeshift offensive line ward off Cowboys sackmaster DeMarcus Ware, but he pretty much flunked that assignment.

    Jeff Wilkins did the unthinkable, missing a routine 28-yard field goal attempt after the Rams stalled in the red zone. When the man they call “Money” is slumping, you know your season is over.

    Isaac Bruce strained his left hamstring, which could become a nagging problem for a receiver at his age. The Rams may have to buy Dane Looker a jet pack for next week.

    All in all, it’s been nearly 10 years since the Rams offense was this feckless.

    “We're looking for solutions,” the beleaguered Linehan said after the game. “What do you want me to say? We haven't scored, we haven't executed, we've played very poorly on offense.”

    The Rams defense played well for most of the first half before getting abused by Tony Romo, Terrell Owens, Julius Jones, Marion Barber, Jason Witten and, um, Patrick Crayton.

    Many Rams struggled, but none more than fill-in cornerback Lenny Walls. Let’s hope his family and friends weren’t watching the Fox broadcast of the game, because he was the subject of many unpleasant replays.

    Safety Corey Chavous had to leave the game with a strained shoulder, but his loss didn’t cause much weeping in Rams Nation Sunday. He has missed a lot of tackles this season and the Cowboy game was no exception.

    On the other hand, Rams fans are lamenting Leonard Little’s knee injury. He hasn’t played at a Pro Bowl level this season, but it hard to imagine the Rams defense competing without him.

    So all in all, this game was every bit as miserable and we figured it would be. The Rams showed some fight early, but their injury-riddled offense was no threat to the Cowboys – so it was just a matter of time before Romo and Co. blew them off the field.

    Rams fans are wondering if this season could possibly get any worse for their team. The answer, of course, is “yes”.

    Next up for the Rams are the 2-2 Gridbirds, who just dispatched the Steelers in Arizona. Old friend Kurt Warner splits the quarterbacking duty with Matt Leinart – running the no-huddle package – and there is a pretty good chance he will be jacked up to face his old team.

    Oh, and did we mention that the Detroit Lions are rolling with Mike Martz running the offense and former Rams Mike Furrey and Shaun McDonald catching passes?

    A few Rams fans have brought that up here in the Internet, too. There is no end to the suffering in Rams Nation this fall.

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    Re: Can it get any worse for the Rams? Yes it can

    sums it up I suppose ................ cwap would have been shorter and more to the point though

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    Re: Can it get any worse for the Rams? Yes it can

    Quote Originally Posted by RamDez View Post
    sums it up I suppose ................ cwap would have been shorter and more to the point though

    GOOD game calling, but the season is not over at least for me, There is a slim chance. WHERE IS THE TEAM PRIDE, I see it here but not on the field. Lets play ball !!!

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