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Yep, another big difference is the Steeler's organization. That thing is a machine and they just replace a part here and there when it leaves, they don't make changes to systems and philosophies or any of that and they really haven't since Chuck Noll was hired.

Tomlin is a plug and play Head Coach there. He didn't pick his coordinators or assistants, he doesn't select players or get involved in the scouting. When Cowher retired and Whisenhunt left for the Cardinals, they promoted Bruce Arians to OC and Dick LeBeau remained as the DC. When Mularkey left to coach the Bills, they promoted Whisenhunt from within as well to take hsi place as the OC. That team has been running the same systems and emphasizing the same philosophies on both offense and defense forever. This all happens through the front office. They plugged Tomlin into a situation where everything was already there waiting for him. All he's had to do was be the HC.

Don't get me wrong, Tomlin has done a good job in the role, but it's hardly comparable to what Spags is doing and has to do.
You are right .They are the machine that everyone should emulate.But to add to that as much of a machine as the Steelers have been they still have had down times.
They last won a Superbowl in 2006 but before that the last championship was against our Rams in 1980.It took a great organization 26 years to reach the top again.
I'm preaching patience here.We have the makings of great leadership here finally from top to bottom but it won't happen overnight.
Think about it.With the poor leadership we have had we won a Superbowl thanks to great football guys like Dick Vermeil and Charley Armey now we have Football guys calling all the shots.It's an exciting time to be a Rams fan.
I'm like a 5 year old kid in the car right now saying "Are we there yet" anticipating the start of the next season.