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Ultimately you still have to have good players at every position. Overall talent wins out in the end. If it was strictly about wishing upon a star Denver would be in the Super Bowl.
Overall talent does not win out all the time but i definitely get your point, I was talking about being competitive and making the Playoffs, not Superbowls.

But once your in the playoffs, its the team that strings 3-4 wins together gets the trophy, not the most talented team. Giants, while hot, barely made the playoffs, The Packers last year weren't on anybody's radar as the most talented team as they barely made the playoffs as well, The Giants 4 years ago ..... etc

All im saying is that the goal is to get to the playoffs, once your there, you are the same amount of wins away as everyone else.
And im glad im not a Donkey Fan ... i'd hate to pin my hopes on Tebow and John Fox .. i actually shuddered at the thought.