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    CalRamsFan75 Guest

    Can the Rams win in 2003?

    Do you guys think the Rams have it in them to go back there, make up for the embarrasing loss, and win another SuperBowl. Dang! I hope so. I would love to see that.

    GO RAMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Hey there CalRamsFan,

    I think it all lies on a bunch of scenarios, but yes they can do it.

    1. Injuries

    We were injury free almost for the season, got banged up at the O-Line late. Faulk sat out awhile, but Canidate played up to par. We need another year like the one we had to make it all the way.

    2. Balance

    I propose right now to ban 2 things: Max Q and The Greatest Show on Earth stuff. Max Q makes it play too hard when we are up 38-10, and we tried to live up to The Greatest Show on Earth Stuff. It is common knowledge that if the Rams are balanced, even at a 60% clip, they win. Feed Faulk and Canidate the ball more.

    3. Mentally

    Devasting loss, but great teams bounce back. Get this one out of your head Rams, its over. Can't fix it. However, you can silence the critics by going out every game and playing Rams football. Just run the ball more please.

    4. Defense

    The defense is young and improved all year. I think another year under Lovie gets us where we need to be.

    Of course we can win next year, I have full faith in that. We just can't lose site of 28 at all next year.

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    Well, I tell you all, I am booking my hols in San Diego next year and I will be there along with the Rams.

    Anyone want to tailgate ?? we can make it our first ClanRam Warriors Superbowl bash

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    Cool Absoultely, positively, WILL DO!

    Originally posted by txramsfan
    Of course we can win next year, I have full faith in that.
    Can do! WILL DO!! GO RAMS!!! XXXVII :angryram:

    No doubt, we'll be back. The St. Louis Rams are truly a team of class and character. SBowl XXXVI was a bitter lesson. After the 2001 regular season and playoffs, it was almost inconceivable that we didn't get that silver trophy on our side!
    :evil: All our Marshalls will look forward to the ultimate goal with passion and confidence. The Rams KNOW this is more than just a realistic objective. They owe it to themselves.

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    Defense....Rams Defense

    The more I think about it, we are close to being tough for about 3 years again. Just in a different way. Much different way.

    Offensively, we are toast without juggling knives, chainsaws, and tennis balls after next year. Defensively, we are stacked. We are young and deep. Watch out folks, all this "Greatest Show on Earth" stuff is history. Now, its D time.

    Wouldn't it be just AWESOME to win that thing in So Cal? After this year? And the last year of potentially this offense?

    Oh my, Mars and Jupiter are lining right y'all. Dez, I got folks there. I'm there this time Baby. We are going. You hear that Eagles? It will again, come through Edward Jones Stadium. San DAWG in 2003!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    p.s. Marshalls homestead. Last game of his career, walking off as MVP of the Super Bowl. In his old college stadium. I swear, Mars and Jupiter are LINING UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    txramsfan brought up very valid points to what it will take to return to greatness next year.I agree that we need to run the ball more.I also think Martz ought to think about letting Warner call audibles.Kurt is good at reading defenses and letting him call audibles could prevent a lot of sacks and INTs.I think our defense is only going to get better and I hope Mad Mike improves his game management skills.Cant wait for next year!

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    TIMLAN2057 Guest


    Super Bowl 2003 WILL be time for homecomings. I'll be returning to my very early childhood home where Dad was stationed in the Navy before he retired and we moved back to Louisiana in 1963.

    Dez, sounds like a winner . . . Clan Ram tailgate party at Jack Murphy Stadium.

    See you guys there! :shield:

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    MsWistRAM Guest
    Right after the events of Feb. 3, in Las Vegas, the RAMS were already favored to go to and win the Super Bowl next year. I wholeheartedly agree with those odds.

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