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    Can someone with more knowledge inform me?

    How does this whole hold-out thing with jackson work? i mean what is the history of it (which players have held out and not got a contract or what is the longest hold out by a star player?) what are the chances of the front office giving him his money and what if they dont? will jackson stay out of camp or will he arrive to start talks?

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    Re: Can someone with more knowledge inform me?


    "And so, in Jackson’s case, he won’t accrue a fifth year in 2008 if he doesn’t report at least 30 days prior to the start of the regular season. Thus, his first shot at accruing a fifth year would come in 2009. And then, come March 2010, he’d be eligible for restricted free agency only.
    But there are two glitches in the reasoning offered up by Thomas. First, as long as Jackson shows up by Week Ten of the regular season, he’d get credit for the fifth year of his Rams contract, making him an unrestricted free agent in March 2009, even though he’d only have four years of NFL service for free agency purposes if his holdout lasts beyond 30 days before the start of the regular season.
    Second, the CBA provision in question is based not on the first regular-season game of the player’s team, but the first regular-season game, period. Thus, if Jackson shows up on August 8 (which is 30 days before the Rams’ opener), he’ll be three days too late, since the regular season starts on September 4 with the Redskins at the Giants, not on September 7.
    Potential awkwardness in this case could arise if Jackson gets credit for the fifth year of his contract and the Rams restrict his movement with the franchise tag as of March 2009. In 2010, Jackson would be a restricted free agent, if there’s no salary cap. As we pointed out several months ago, however, Jackson’s one-year RFA tender would be determined by multiplying the 2009 franchise tag by 1.1,resulting in far greater earnings that restricted free agents otherwise receive.
    Per Thomas, the Rams reportedly have offered Jackson a deal worth $7 million per year, which would place him among the top four highest-paid running backs in the league."

    Sounds like Jackson would be a fool to hold out much longer. But when an agent whispers sweet nothings in his ear, who knows what he'll do?

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