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    Candidate had fast rise

    By Jim Thomas
    Saturday, Jan. 10 2009

    A year ago at this time, as he was helping to orchestrate one of the most
    potent offenses in NFL history, Josh McDaniels turned down offers to interview
    for head-coaching jobs at Atlanta and Baltimore.

    Not this year.

    McDaniels, at age 32 the "boy wonder" of Bill Belichick's coaching staff in New
    England, already has interviewed with Denver and Cleveland. On Friday evening,
    he interviewed in St. Louis for the Rams' head-coaching job.

    According to league sources, Green Bay assistant head coach-linebackers coach
    Winston Moss left the impression that he wasn't ready to be an NFL coach
    following his Rams interview last Saturday. Thursday's interview of former New
    York Giants head coach Jim Fassel is being viewed in league circles as more of
    a favor to get Fassel's name back out in circulation. (Fassel hasn't worked in
    the league since 2006.)

    So does that make McDaniels, the Patriots' offensive coordinator-quarterbacks
    coach, the first legitimate candidate (other than Jim Haslett) to interview
    with the Rams? We'll see.

    Just 10 years ago, McDaniels was catching passes and majoring in math at John
    Carroll University in suburban Cleveland. It's the same school that produced
    former Rams linebacker London Fletcher, as well as Don Shula, the winningest
    coach in NFL history.

    McDaniels, whose father Thom is a legendary Ohio prep football coach, left
    college a year early to work for Nick Saban's staff at Michigan State in 1999.
    In 2000, he was out of football selling plastics.

    But then Patriots assistant Brian Daboll, who was with McDaniels in '99 at
    Michigan State, recommended him to Belichick in 2001. Thus began McDaniels'
    meteoric rise in the NFL.

    After three seasons as a Patriots defensive assistant, an entry level job,
    McDaniels was named the team's quarterbacks coach in 2004. He kept that QB
    coach title in '05, but after Charlie Weis left for Notre Dame, McDaniels began
    calling plays for the Pats.

    At age 29, he was offensive coordinator without the title supposedly a
    decision made by Belichick to protect McDaniels from the scrutiny that comes
    with that job description.

    Beginning with the '06 season, McDaniels was given the coordinator's title by
    Belichick while maintaining the quarterbacks coach duties. In '07, the Patriots
    set NFL records for touchdowns scored (75) and points scored (589).

    This season only enhanced McDaniels' reputation. Following Tom Brady's
    season-ending knee injury in the 2008 season opener, the Patriots won 10 of
    their final 15 games with Matt Cassel starting at quarterback. Cassel hadn't
    started a game since high school.

    Those who know McDaniels say he has learned well from Belichick, that he has a
    great feel for personnel what Patriots players and what opposing players do
    well and don't do well.

    Described as smart and calculating, McDaniels will be picky and selective when
    it comes to a head-coaching job. As part of that evaluation process he will
    look more to the structure of a club's front office and the ownership situation
    than perhaps some other candidates.

    So McDaniels may have some questions about the Rams' front office makeover as
    well as the club's status as a franchise that may or may not be for sale.

    Undoubtedly, Rams general manager Billy Devaney had some questions of his own
    for McDaniels on Friday night. After all, it's one thing to coach quarterbacks
    and call plays. But can McDaniels lead men, many of whom may be older than him?
    What kind of a staff can he put together? What kind of defense does he want to

    How will he deal with everything else that goes along with being a head coach
    these days? From the media and the constant scrutiny, to a knowledge of the
    salary cap and free agency. His thoughts on player discipline and the
    importance of character. And more specifically to the Rams, how he can change
    the losing culture at Rams Park and develop good will in the St. Louis

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    Dominating D Guest

    Re: Candidate had fast rise

    Young, energectic, has something to prove. I want a D-man but this guy could prove to be the right choice.

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    Re: Candidate had fast rise

    Never mind. I thought this was a Trung Candidate thread.

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    Re: Candidate had fast rise

    Quote Originally Posted by Dwight Frye View Post
    Never mind. I thought this was a Trung Candidate thread.
    LOL, that crossed my mind as well. I was thinking, well if the guy can still run...

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    Re: Candidate had fast rise

    McDaniel has great results, but can he command respect?

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