Pre-season game 1, Carriker I thought was nails. He slammed A. Peterson almost to China via the Turf. And had some other great tackles.
Leonard looks to be a solid backup and he looks really fast. I think if he progresses like he should, Jackson may not get his all purpose yards he's looking for.
It's only pre-season but I feel much better now than I did last year at this time!
looking foward to a great season. Already have $ 8,000.00 dollars on the Rams this year. Like Rodney Dangerfield once said " I'm going to hawaii, I'm going to Hawaii "
Let's hpoe I don't have to repeat the latter part of the quote which you would Know if you saw the Movie!!!!!!!! Oh and for those who are ready to jump me about the Jackson comment, I just mean Leonard may get some of Jackson's carry's!!!
So don't wig.