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    Tony Soprano Guest

    Carriker probably can't wait !

    Carriker has been misused and is playing out of position and I believe he can't wait for things to change around Rams Park.

    There have been hints that things were terribly wrong with the Ram's organization since Linehan was brought in, but one that stands out is the use of Carriker as a Nose Tackle.

    Number 1, Big Run Stuffers (one dimensional) aren't that hard to come by - they just aren't. I can name a bunch that have been taken in Round 3 and later.

    Number 2, Carriker is not a Nose Tackle! When was the last time someone excelled at the Nose that was 6'6"? Leverage is most of that position and a 6'6" NT will have problems consistently getting under the center.

    Carriker's career is going to be severely cut short from getting stuck out of position in a slot where players are abused and regularly hit from multiple angles by multiple OL.

    If you put Carriker is say Chicago's system as a DT, he's a player the offense will have to account for.

    I am ready to move on to a new coaching staff and front office and I'm sure that Carriker is too.


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    Mooselini Guest

    Re: Carriker probably can't wait !

    Good post. I mean, he had a good year last year, and I want to see him improve. But with Haslette's system, he's going to waste...

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    Re: Carriker probably can't wait !

    posted a very similar post here

    I said this 3 years ago-- probelms and solutions

    not jsut Carriker its alot of others on that defense out of position.

    You think Carriker cant wait? Ive been waiting 3 years to get rid of Linewho.

    Also-- defensive backs-- I already posted about Tye Under the Hll, but the real issue is pass rush. There has only been 1 DB in my 38 years of life that Ive seen that can truly cover man to man with no help from his front 7, and that was Deon Sanders (who I think would have been better as a FS=P asn that way he could cover the whole field rather than just one area/receiver)

    Hasslet needs to do what put him on the map,and not stray from it. Takeo Spikes was available as a FA and he somehow didnt merit a look. Hes better than most of the current LB crew. Lance Briggs was avaialble lastyear during his disgruntlement with the Bears-- he wasnt even considered=(

    This upcomming draft is full of top tier LB, and the Rams best not do a Donnie Aintly on this one.
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    Re: Carriker probably can't wait !

    Carriker shouldnt be playing NT, but should be at UT. He wouldnt excel at DE, but could as a pass rushing defensive tackle

    as for linebackers, your answer is to bring in Lance Briggs and Takeo Spikes? So you want to improve a linebacking corps filled with weakside linebackers by bringing in more weakside linebackers?

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    moloch41 Guest

    Re: Carriker probably can't wait !

    We should have tried for Kris Jenkins in the offseason, but for some reason, we felt like we didn't need him. I watched him play for the Jets on Sunday and he was disrupting everthing. That would have allowed us to move Carriker outside and we wouldn't have had the pressing need to draft a DE, which would have left us with more flexibility. We are not a good enough defense to keep drafting project players (i.e. drafting a DE and making him a NT, drafting a 3-4 DE and making him a 4-3 DE, drafting dbs with potential (Wade, King), but little in the way of practical experience and production, or signing free agents and playing them out of position (i.e. Spoon). And for god's sake- please stop picking up guys that are undersized because they are fast!!! I'm sorry, but we don't have a DC who's innovative or aggressive enough to make it work!!!

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    Re: Carriker probably can't wait !

    Marcus Stroud is 6-6, but i see your point.

    The Rams have to change their defense to fit the players, not the other way around, IMO. This has been there problem. A switch to a 3-4 defense is on the horizon, i think.

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    Re: Carriker probably can't wait !

    didn't we have a conversation about Carriker and him playing DT right after he was drafted? And how in the system he played in, he lined up more like a defensive tackle then a defensive end? Or am I making this up?

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    sig51 Guest

    Re: Carriker probably can't wait !

    No, Adam carriker would not excel at defensive end unless in 3-4, and nose tackle is all about leverage, he needs to be played in the traditional gap defensive tackle position. He could be a powerhouse pass rushing DT like Warren Sapp and Tommie Harris have been in the past.

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