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    djccon Guest

    In case you're worried...

    What do all of these #s mean?

    Baltimore 2-3
    Miami 2-5
    New England 2-3
    New York 3-4
    Oakland 1-2
    Pittsburgh 3-1

    Chicago 3-3
    Green Bay 4-1
    Philadelphia 1-3
    SF 3-3
    St. Louis 6-1
    Tampa 3-5

    If you haven't figured it out yet, these are all the playoff teams' records against OTHER playoff teams this season.

    To ME they mean everyone but Tampa, Miami, NYJ, and WE played relatively soft schedules, and of the Tampa, Miami, NYJ and US, only WE were dominant against playoff teams. I fear NONE of the remaining teams, but have concerns with SF (because we've beaten them twice this season and they may be extra pumped), GB (because they're fairly balanced on offense), and Pittsburgh because they're so schoolyard.

    If we turn it over fewer than 3 times in ANY game against ANY of the remaining teams, we'll be celebrating in February. I would LOVE to get Chicago in the championship so they can be exposed for the phonies they are. Wimpy-a** schedule and only 3-3 against playoff teams - and needed a ton of luck to get THAT!

    As long as KW stays patient, we don't get careless with the ball, and April's fools (a.k.a. special teams - or should I say NOT-so special teams?) give even a slightly-better-than average performance...

    Regardless of what happens, there is no doubt in my mind we ARE the best team in football, and the only team capable of beating us, is us.

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    Great post, djccon. That tells a lot about the Rams, especially compared to the other teams. Thanks for the info!:king:


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