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    Re: CBS Prisco's Power Rankings

    Yeah the good old days

    CNN/SI Power Rankings
    Rank LW Team
    1 1 St. Louis Rams 6-0
    Yes, I think they'll keep it going in Tennessee this weekend. But, as you know, I've been wrong before.
    2 2 Jacksonville Jaguars 5-1
    Do you know what they call the Jags' cheerleading group? The Roar. And I ain't lion.
    3 3 Tennessee Titans 5-1
    Neil O'Donnell is from Madison, N.J., about eight miles away from the very spot where these power rankings are created. Is this scary, or what?
    4 4 Miami Dolphins 5-1
    Lacking Danny's arm, the Dolphins put a functional ground game together against, well, Philly. If they duplicate it this weekend in Oakland, and show they're really serious about this thing, you'd have to rate them a very serious Super Bowl contender.
    5 6 Green Bay Packers 4-2
    The Packers went into the Charger game at minus one in the old turnover ratio. They came out of it plus three. The Kramer-Harbaugh duo is making a lot of secondaries healthy.
    6 7 New England Patriots 5-2
    Take away the Browns game and you've got six contests decided by a total of 11 points. How does this define the Patriots? Dunno. I just wanted to get the information out before the Sunday pre-game shows did.
    7 8 Indianapolis Colts 4-2
    Two home games in the next two weeks--Dallas followed by Kansas City--could shape the Colts' season.
    8 9 Oakland Raiders 4-3
    Yes, they nearly blew one to the Jets, but then they pulled themselves together and came on strong with that furious finish. That, to me, is the definition of a good team.
    9 13 Seattle Seahawks 4-2
    They could have been looking ahead to Green Bay, but instead they went out and played their best game of the year.
    10 17 Kansas City Chiefs 4-2
    O.K., they won on the road in convincing fashion, and their reward was a seven-place boost in the rankings. Chiefs fans are never satisfied, though, and I'm sure I'll be asked why I didn't move them higher. And the answer is that no one currently above them deserved to be moved down.
    11 12 Detroit Lions 4-2
    I look at the way I've handicapped the Lions this year and I think I've gotten them wrong in five out of their six games. And now I've gone and picked them over the Bucs, which is not a kind thing to do to the Lions.
    T12 5 Washington Redskins 4-2
    Redskins beat the Giants, who beat the Cowboys, who beat the Skins twice. For the life of me, I can't figure out who's best and who's worst. Or wurst.
    T12 16 New York Giants 4-3
    See above.
    T12 18 Dallas Cowboys 4-2
    See above the above.
    15 15 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 3-3
    All night long my phone was ringing. Impassioned Bucs fans pleaded: Please don't move us down after that Chicago smeller. We'll do better, we promise. O.K., but I'm running out of patience.
    16 10 Buffalo Bills 4-3
    The Bills were a dead, lifeless team against the Seahawks. Looked more like the one that got blown out in the Colts opener than the one that beat Miami.
    17 11 San Diego Chargers 4-2
    I can lay the Packers' blowout off on injuries, but when's Mike Riley planning to get some production out of those QBs?
    18 19 Minnesota Vikings 3-4
    I had 'em too high early on; now I've probably got 'em too low. But I've still got to be convinced that the Jeff George Happycamp is the real thing.
    19 14 Denver Broncos 2-5
    Hey, I don't know what to do with the Broncs. They play a bad game, they lose. They play a good game, they lose by a little. I think they'll beat the Vikings Sunday. I think they'll win in San Diego the following week. I think a lot of things, but that doesn't mean they'll happen.
    20 20 Pittsburgh Steelers 4-3
    I love the way the TV guys cop out for Kordell. Every time he completes a 10-yard out pass we hear about how he's got his confidence back.
    21 21 Carolina Panthers 2-4
    Perhaps I should have lowered them after the Lions chewed 'em up, but look below them on the chart and you'll see not one victory last weekend.
    22 22 San Francisco ***** 3-4
    Sinking, sinking, sinking are the once-mighty Niners. And wait, the inter-office sniping will soon begin.
    23 24 Philadelphia Eagles 2-5
    Granted, they may be a bit more sound than one or two teams ranked higher, but that offense, whew, managed only 175 yards last game.
    24 25 Chicago Bears 3-4
    Well, we found out about Cade McNown, another miracle worker from the fabulous QB class of '99. And guess what? Not one of that quintet of first round draftees draws pay from a club with a winning record.
    25 26 New York Jets 1-6
    I'll give them this -- they're creative. Each week they lose in a brand new way.
    26 23 Baltimore Ravens 2-4
    Brian Billick is an offensive guru. And after seven weeks he's on his third QB. Which only proves that this is a position that mystifies everyone, without exception.
    27 27 Arizona Cardinals 2-4
    Can Jake Plummer really recover from a broken finger during one measly bye week? Does it matter?
    28 28 Atlanta Falcons 1-6
    Chris Chandler's courage was questioned. So the last view we got of him was half-running, half-limping downfield so he could spike the ball in front of the Steelers' goal line. It's sad, really.
    29 29 New Orleans Saints 1-5
    Well, we finally saw Ricky Williams put together a 100-yard game -- while the Saints were suffering their worst loss of the season. There's a message in this. A Greek one. It's called hubris and nemesis.
    30 30 Cincinnati Bengals 1-6
    Why do I feel that one of these weeks the Bengals are going to rise up in a fury and spring a major upset over some sleepwalker?
    31 31 Cleveland Browns 0-7
    They'll be feeling the Saints' wrath this weekend, but mark down Nov. 7 as the day they finally break into the W column -- against Baltimore.

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    Re: CBS Prisco's Power Rankings

    31 is a little to low. only reason we had a "disaster" of a season was bc of injuries. he;s gonna be feelin real dumb when we shock him next yr

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    Re: CBS Prisco's Power Rankings

    As long as we stay healthy, I see the divsion coming down to us & the Cards.

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    Re: CBS Prisco's Power Rankings

    Forgot about Linehan's 8-8. However, is that what we are aspiring to be anymore?

    Well, I technically wouldn't mind 8-8 this season so I guess yea.

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    Re: CBS Prisco's Power Rankings

    Prisco has always loved the Cardinals, Brady, and Peyton Manning. Now I can see the Cards doing well again, but not #4 overall well. Brady and Manning are both wildcards to me, I really can't predict how they'll do.
    In all fairness, I don't think we deserve a very high spot in the power rankings, but I think we should be above some teams, like the Raiders, but not too many teams. We did some good things in the offseason and draft, but we still need to see the guys on the field for us.
    Power rankings are fun, but really are nothing more than GUESSES.

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    Re: CBS Prisco's Power Rankings

    Power rankings in May are about as relevant, and accurate as...

    Power rankings in August?

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    Re: CBS Prisco's Power Rankings

    I never put any faith in it in the rankings. Look at the start of the 99 season. No one expected us to win more than 3 games, especially after Green was lost for the season.

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    Re: CBS Prisco's Power Rankings

    Quote Originally Posted by Ramer View Post
    I never put any faith in it in the rankings. Look at the start of the 99 season. No one expected us to win more than 3 games, especially after Green was lost for the season.
    And look! We got rid of Green before the season started again! Miami here we come!

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    Re: CBS Prisco's Power Rankings

    Quote Originally Posted by TekeRam View Post
    And look! We got rid of Green before the season started again! Miami here we come!
    You're right, I totally forgot about letting Green go this year. That's pretty good.

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