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    Chad "ocho-cinco" Johnson or Adam "Pac-man"Jones

    Since we have about 15 minutes before kickoff I was wondering. The rumor mill has it that these two will most definately be looking for a new home next year due to their numerous issues. Due to his suspension, Adam opened the door for the rookies on the team to get some experience (wish ours could as well), and thus when he comes back he'll be the 5th corner on the team. As for Chad need to go there.

    The question is: which of these "troubled players" if not both would you like to see or could you see in a Rams uniform next year? I know alot of you will probally say "neither", but we all know how the league works and if you have talent, then you will always have a job. Not to mention both CB and WR are a need we currently have, and since both have so much baggage we may be able to get them for a reduced price.

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    Re: Chad "ocho-cinco" Johnson or Adam "Pac-man"Jones

    with Chad...its not so much his personality..if he was an Elite wideout that wouldnt put me off..but check out his career stats,they arent bad..but they aren`t nothing like T.O.`s whom i would take and who is of the same ilk...

    why pay to see Eddie Murphy when youve seen Richard Pryor?

    Pacman i aint even gonna waste time on..(is kick off time)

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    Re: Chad "ocho-cinco" Johnson or Adam "Pac-man"Jones

    These two are too much of a distraction to any team; talent or not. Adding these two is like trying to cure a sick patient by giving them the flu. No thanks...

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