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    was it by chance...

    Do you think the road and the possibility that the Rams were just a little over confident might have been why they lost last week? I mean they out played the 9er's 2 to 1. They played their game and still lost. That 21 pt. quarter was the difference.It was a major let down to lose to the 9er's,but I think they are on track now!They may be on the road again , but I think we're going to see a scoreboard in our favor.......Who's with me? give me an R.. give me an A..................Just get on the DamnWagon, we're bringing the Cards down!!!!!!!

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    Re: was it by chance...

    I'm with you, brother. Bring the Whiners back to St. Louis and we'll crush em. Week one was a wake-up call and now heads will start to roll.

    It's time to start our first winning streak.

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    Re: was it by chance...

    Special teams lost the game for the Rams. The ***** did not win the game. Let's face it. The special team gave up a touchdown, an onside kick, and gave the offense and the defense horrible field position to work with. The second quarter was a mess thanks to the special team's performance.

    I pray we see improvement in special teams, or it will be a long season. Perhaps the new special teams coach just needs a little more time, to get it together. Perhaps. Work hard buddy.

    There is another game on the way.:football:

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    gap Guest
    Until Bulger can learn to be more consistant, and not be so streaky, we are going nowhere. He also needs to quit forcing it so much in the redzone.

    I know this is what put Warner in the dghouse, but Marc needs to improvise more in the redzone. Especially when Mad Mike's play is obviously doomed to fail.



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