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    Changes that need to be made for offseason

    We need a defensive end so we can get a decent pass rush because Brandon Green and Victor Adeyanju simply don't cut it. Maybe we can pick up Gaines Adams in the draft from Clemson. Him and Tye will get get along just fine or Lamar Woodley would be ok as well. We need a new legit def tackle I think that is pretty obvious. Maybe we can pick up a free agent because we haven't had much success developing tackles, I can tell you that. ie kennedy, lewis, pickett. We need a strong ILB. Because Spoon and Tinoisamoa get run over at that position. I was thinking if we don't get Adams or Woodley we can get that stud Patrick Willis and if not him I think we could pick up Paul Poszluzny in the second round. We need Alex Barron to become more consistent but other than that it looks we have figured out our starters for next year. Remember Orlando Pace had trouble with the false starts for his first two years. A new fast tall wide reciever would be in order. This draft is pretty deep at that position so maybe the rams could pick up a reciever in the later rounds like anthony gonzalez. He is a more complete wide reciever than Ginn and nearly just as fast. Finally a new special teams coach is in order, as the special teams have hurt the rams big time. I hope the rams do what they need to do to improve in this coming offseason. Go rams!! feel free to add any more improvements or players you think we should pick up. the more the merrier

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    Re: Changes that need to be made for offseason

    I think Victor will be fine as a 1st and 2nd down end but we do need a speed pass rusher for sure. I also would love a big physical mlb. I have been a Rams fan for about 10 years and not once have we had a big physical, nasty d. Just once I would like to see another team fear playing our defense. I know when Lovie was coordinator we played well but we weren't intimidating

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    Re: Changes that need to be made for offseason

    I agree with MC, we need a Ferocious D, to compliment the O.


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