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    Chapter 20: Defeat and Commencement

    Chapter 20: Defeat and Commencement

    On the field of battle, in a land where they once triumphed, the SpiralHorns met their end. More battered and weary at the start of the day than most realized, the Legion could not withstand the power of the enemy. The Dark Age of the Raptors was a reality, and SpiralHorns could only retreat to their Homeland to disband the army and surrender to the Winter.

    All that remained was the journey back. A slow march to the Northwest commenced. Few words were spoken. For some, the end of this quest seemed all too familiar.

    Some lamented “It is always the same. Our Captain and our champions fight with great skill and fire, but it is within the anonymous ranks that our failings lie. It has been thus for far too long.”

    Others sought to blame “Our leaders have failed to learn from the past, and we have fallen again because of their failings.”

    But these words faded in the days that followed. Before long, the SpiralHorns would find reason to celebrate their strengths, and seek ways to eliminate their weaknesses. Some would scout the lands for mercenaries to join the ranks of the Legion. Some would look for strength from within. Some would spend their days traveling the lands to find young warriors to be called upon on the upcoming Great Days of the Choosing.

    The seasons would change once more, and none doubted that the battles would begin again one day for the Legion of SpiralHorns. The Legion Eternal.
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    Re: Chapter 20: Defeat and Commencement

    Inspiring, encouraging. I hear the solemn sound of bagpipes here in ClanRam.

    Thanks Avenger.

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    Re: Chapter 20: Defeat and Commencement

    I heard the sound of the TOILET in this game , but Vick took the torch to the next level.Rams will be back witha vengence next year !


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