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    A Charger Fan Checking back in.

    I just want to say you guys have a good team there in The Lou. I had a good time with all you guys here chatting about the game and old school players. I have to say one of the coolest boards Ive been on. Beleive me if we would have lost I would have still come back and wrote the same, I did it last week after KC beat us. Had a great time hanging out with Rams fans at the game we met a few that it was their first time in San Diego and did not know anyone so ofcourse we had to invite them to our tailgate. Good game you have nothing to be mad about.(the fact you won the world series helps too) Two good offenses going head to head and the home team came out on top thats it. The Hwaks lost so your still going to win the division. We promise to take care of them when we go up to their house later in the year. Good luck the rest of the year and hope to see Pisa back soon. Hes a local kid from here I always knew he would be a good player.

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    Re: A Charger Fan Checking back in.

    Congrats a nice win. Thanks for revisiting our site and being so gracious. Good luck the rest of the season.


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