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    Re: Chatter in the DC area

    good game rams fans,if I could call todays game good...

    many people in redskins fandom are up in arms over zorn's god awful redzone playcalling. campbell was very effective between the 20's,but zorn essentially took the ball away from him in redzone situations.

    bulger looks solid,but the rams OL...yikes. steven jackson is a beast.That laurent robinson WR also looks like he could be a very competent player. not a #1 WR but a good #2 or #3

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    Re: Chatter in the DC area

    I talked to the neighbors and they listened to the game on the radio on the way home and saw the end of the game. They commented it was an "ugly win" and did not seem happy.

    The game turned out like I thought it would. Both offenses had trouble scoring. There was a couple of official calls that I did not like that changed the game some. It could have easily have been a Rams win with no Avery fumble. I am happy enough with a close game right now.

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