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    Chavous eager to find his role

    By Jim Thomas

    The Rams signed strong safety Corey Chavous to a five-year, $16 million contract two weeks ago in part for his leadership ability. And in part because of his intelligence as a player. They're counting on him to be the quarterback of the secondary - getting everyone lined up properly - and making some plays along the way.

    But despite his eight years in the league, his 2003 Pro Bowl start and his 76 consecutive NFL starts, Chavous comes to St. Louis with the mind-set that he has everything to prove.

    "It's not like you come here and what you've done comes along with you," Chavous said. "Because to me it doesn't. It's a week-to-week league. If I go out the first game and give up five touchdowns, nobody's going to care that I was the leader - or supposedly, the defensive leader.

    "The bottom line is production, and going out and being consistent. That's how you earn your leadership. You earn your leadership through how you play, how you perform or what you do in the classroom. ... That's what makes you a leader."

    As Chavous sees it, the Rams already have leaders in place. So as he meets his new teammates during the offseason conditioning program, and beyond, Chavous will assume nothing and just try to be himself. If that's enough to make him a leader, so be it.

    "Right now, I'm nothing more than a part of the skeletal system," he said. "The support system that you need to create some type of a foundation for this football team for this year."

    Chavous, 30, plans to take full advantage of the conditioning program, the minicamps and the light spring practices known as OTAs (organized team activities) to lay the foundation of team chemistry. It may take awhile, because the Rams will have a lot of new faces, particularly on defense.

    "It's important for those guys to work out together," Chavous said. "It's important for those guys to understand and learn a little bit about each other. Because winning oftentimes extends (outward) from the locker room.

    "And how well you can communicate with guys, and are able to be on the same page, that will ultimately affect how well you play together on Sundays. It doesn't matter if you've got five guys that have been All-Pro, they have to play like All-Pros together to be successful."

    Chavous likes the challenge of rebuilding a defense from the ground floor in St. Louis. After four seasons in Minnesota, Chavous said he approached free agency with the idea that he wanted to test the market.

    "It wasn't necessarily a matter of just trying to get out of Minnesota," Chavous said.

    Chavous didn't have to test the market for long. He was on a plane to St. Louis the first day of free agency - March 11 - and had agreed to terms by early that afternoon. Chavous said it was a comfortable fit from the start. Of course, he knew coach Scott Linehan from Linehan's three seasons as offensive coordinator in Minnesota (2002-04).

    "He's a very meticulous coach," Chavous said. "Coach (Mike) Tice was very much the same way. That's probably a big reason why he hired Coach Linehan from Louisville. I think he's a coach that does a great job of organizing everybody and having a common focus."

    Chavous also made an instant connection with defensive coordinator Jim Haslett.

    "I love his energy," Chavous said. "I love what he was able to do down in New Orleans. Certainly, he had a tough time this year with all the things that happened with (Hurricane) Katrina. But the way that he battled through that and kept his team competitive week in and week out just showed the amount of respect that his team has for him."

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    Re: Chavous eager to find his role

    Chavous is talking the talk. Will he walk the walk? It sounds like he has his head on straight and he has good focus. He should be a good addition.

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    Re: Chavous eager to find his role

    what # is chavous gonna wear? I would like to buy another jersey to go with my 5 or 6 others.

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    Re: Chavous eager to find his role

    I wonder if he will get #21 from OJ or he could take #31

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    Re: Chavous eager to find his role

    Attitude is what it's all about. Love it...


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    Re: Chavous eager to find his role

    Your right about Attitude its the 1st thing we we have to change to become winners again , That will always show the heart of a team and a player... I'm exited about the possibilities , I've been gone for awile at one of my other offices Missed you all


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