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    Chip's stock rises with new leadership team

    By Jeff Gordon
    Tuesday, Jan. 20 2009
    If Monday’s live sports chat on is an indicator, Chip Rosenbloom
    has regained credibility with Rams fans. They applauded the franchise’s
    head-coaching hire.

    Rosenbloom’s first year at the helm of the franchise -– heading the ownership
    team including his sister Lucia Rodriguez and minority owner Stan Kroenke -–
    couldn’t have gone much worse.

    The Rams finished 2-14, damaged their attendance at the Edward Jones Dome and
    generated much anxiety among St. Louis football fans. Was Chip tanking the
    franchise to grease the tracks back to his home market of Los Angeles?

    We saw many such public sentiments on this site. Rosenbloom's stock hit rock
    bottom here.

    It all happened so fast. Remember his enthusiasm from the previous spring?

    After inheriting control of the franchise from his late mother, Georgia
    Frontiere, Rosenbloom was eager to honor her memory with a bounce-back season.

    He expressed confidence in his floundering head coach. “I’m impressed every day
    with what I’ve seen with Scott Linehan,” Rosenbloom told the assembled media

    Rosenbloom viewed the ’08 squad as a potential playoff team. “I think that’s
    one of the great things about the NFL is that you never know what’s going to
    happen in a season, and I think this season is something to be excited about,”
    he said.

    “I actually like our competition. I like the idea that we can start off the
    season with some impressive victories. Hopefully, that will lead us to the
    playoffs, and then anything’s possible.”

    He also praised his upper management team of John Shaw and Jay Zygmunt.

    “I think we have a setup that works for us,” Rosenbloom said. “So, I think the
    chain of command will remain as it has been. I think we’ve really been
    underestimated. I’m not putting this out to the press or whatever, but I think
    a lot of people around the country have underestimated the Rams and if you
    reflect back not too long ago, John and Jay and the whole staff produced
    winners consistently. We were a winning team throughout the '80s. We had four
    or five rough seasons, and then we’ve been consistently a winning team. I think
    that we have some of the best football executives in the league, and I think
    that this year will prove that.”

    Yeah, well, we all saw how the 2008 season turned out.

    The Rams lost their first four games, prompting Rosenbloom to sign off on the
    much-needed coaching change. Jim Haslett replaced Linehan on an interim basis
    and was given a clear shot at earning the job on a more permanent basis.

    But the Rams won just two more games, prompting Rosenbloom to make some really
    tough calls. Zygmunt resigned as president of football operations. Shaw stepped
    aside, too, and settled into an advisory role with Rosenbloom.

    Billy Devaney gained the title of general manager and control of the football
    operation. Rosenbloom entrusted him to lead the coaching search.

    Haslett didn’t make the cut. In the end, Devaney settled on well-respected
    Giants defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo as the top candidate. Rosenbloom
    and Co. agreed.

    All this happened in an orderly fashion. Devaney assembled his committee,
    established the search and interview protocols, set a timeline and then got the
    job done. The Rams ended up with a football lifer that other franchises coveted.

    In this corner of cyberspace, we had our doubts about Stage 2 of the interview
    process: Sessions in Los Angeles with Rosenbloom, Rodriguez, Kroenke and Shaw
    joining in on the final interview and assessment.

    Why meet in LA? Aren’t these the St. Louis Rams?

    And why did Shaw still have his hands in this?

    But the process worked. Devaney praised his bosses for giving him the room
    needed to make the right hire.

    “I thought the interviews that took place there were professional. We were
    prepared,” Devaney said Monday. “Even as I made the calls to the candidates
    that didn’t get the job . . . they couldn’t have been more complimentary about
    the way the interview process took place and they thought everything was done
    in a classy manner and a relaxed manner -- but it was extremely professional.”

    Devaney insisted Shaw was a positive force in this process, not a negative one.

    “I’m really indebted to ownership and John Shaw for playing such a big part and
    being such a real ally through this process,” Devaney said.

    So now Rosenbloom heads into Year 2 with a new management team. Nobody knows
    how much longer his group will own the team -- but people DO know that Chip is
    trying to run the franchise the right way.

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    Re: Chip's stock rises with new leadership team

    Show me some wins.

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    Re: Chip's stock rises with new leadership team

    He has done great even with a tough way to start his franchise tenure, especially being so naive with complimenting the FO and even as far as saying he was impressed by Soiled Linen...but, no matter what kind of moves he makes it ultimately comes down to this......

    Quote Originally Posted by AlphaRam View Post
    Show me some wins.

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    Re: Chip's stock rises with new leadership team

    Its a simple thought process.......... IF somewhere down the line you would be willing to entertain an offer to sell, you'll get a much more attractive offer for a shiny well running Ferrari than you would a rough running old Plymouth.

    In the meantime since you realize that the entire NFL is a business, the way to make money and lots of it is to produce a winning, very popular product. You fill the stadiums/domes and the money will come to you as well as the television networks will WANT your team on the on the night time broadcast(IF you're a good winning team, and your on evening broadcast, that brings viewers onto you channel to which advertisers will be clammering to air their commercials on that broadcast thus producing higher revenues for the network.

    So its a "win-win" situation

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