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    Choppin It Up with Pisa (4.21.06)

    Choppin’ It Up with Pisa
    Friday, April 21, 2006
    By Pisa Tinoisamoa
    Special to

    Easter weekend has passed and now LB Pisa Tinoisamoa and the Rams are getting ready for the first of three minicamps this offseason. Pisa talks about how the camps will help with learning the new system, but also give the opportunity to show the new coaching staff what this team is all about. We are getting ready to have our first minicamp this weekend. I guess the guys are ready to show our new coaching staff what they can do.

    PT: Yeah, man. We have to prove something everyday. That is your time to prove something, in front of all of your coaches, all of your teammates. Do you belong or do you get on? That is what it comes down to. With the new coaching staff, we get to have three minicamps this year. Do you think that it is helpful, or does it take just a little bit more out of you?

    PT: I think it’s good, because we are all still learning. It will be a good chance for everybody to get out on the field and get a better understanding of the defense, because it is new. It’s still the 4-3 defense, but they want different things out of us. It will be different teachings, and that is something that we are going to have to get accustom to, so these three mini-camps are going to help. It’s a lot of new faces around here. How has the chemistry been with the new guys and the guys who have been around here for a while?

    PT: We’ll see this weekend. Everyone is cool when you are lifting weights together, but we will see how it is when it is live fire, and everybody is fighting for their job. It will be a whole new look out there, but we’ll see. But from what I can tell, everyone gets along, everyone competes every day they come out, so I think that it is going to be big fun. Good competition. How was Easter in the Tinoisamoa household?

    PT: It was great, really good. I spent time with family, gave praise, and all of that. It was a good time. I had family in town. Some of my nephews and nieces came in town for spring break, so it was good. We had that “Cali” weather this weekend, so they probably felt right at home.

    PT: Aww, yeah! They were like, ‘What are you talking about? The weather out here is not bad at all!’ I was like of course it was going to be nice this weekend when you all come in town. Maybe they brought the weather with them. Who knows?

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    Re: Choppin It Up with Pisa (4.21.06)

    Good article. Thanks man!


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