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    Choppin It Up with Pisa 5.3.06

    Pisa Tinoisamoa stopped by Rams Park and signed autographs for a couple thousand fans on Draft Day. Pisa gives advice to the new players and also gives a little insight on an opportunity to go Hollywood.

    Visit Pisa at We just finished the 2006 NFL Draft and we picked up Tye Hill, cornerback from Clemson. What do you think of the guy?

    PT: Iím not a big draft buff. I donít know the guys stats, but I know two thingsówe picked him at 15, heís 5-9, 180 pounds. That tells me something already. The experts did their job last weekend and that is who the experts thought was best at that time, Tye Hill. The guy is only 5-9. (Antonio) Cromartie is 6-3 and got picked after him, (Jonathan) Joseph is 6-0 and got picked after him, so if this guy is 5-9 and got picked before them, he has to have some skills. Heís really fast and plays with confidence in that corner position.

    PT: Yeah, thatís obvious. If you are 5-9 and you are playing in the league, you have to have some heart. You are tackling some big guys. You definitely have to bring something, because you definitely donít have the size. You were out here at Rams Park signing some autographs on Draft Day. Did you have a good time?

    PT: It was a great experience. I was glad that I was able to do that. The energy in here was very positive. It was uplifting to myself and the whole city. I was very proud to come out and sign autographs for everyone because I think it is time for us to get on the right page. St. Louis is our city. Come out and support us. We support you, we represent you, so why not work together in this? In stead of booing us, come show us some love, because I have love for you. When I am out there and Iím playing, people say that I play with so much heart, but I play like if I was you out there playing. How would you play? I am a representation of St. Louis so that is why I wanted to come out and show my appreciation. I was shown a lot of support. It was uplifting to me and the coaches. It was a lot of people that came out and supported us, even though the weather was bad. It was a good feeling. We drafted 10 rookies last weekend and picked up several free agents. What would be your advice to these young guys?

    PT: Give it your best. Show us why you are here, because you have something to prove. You are on the same team as Torry Holt, Orlando Pace, me. Just be you. You got here for a reason, so show us why you got here. Show us how you got to this level. Show us that same work habit, you had not only before the combine, but your freshman year in college. If you do that, you are going to gain the respect of your teammates. Thatís big, because if you donít have the respect of your teammates, itís hard to walk the streets, at least I know it is for me. Come in with that chip on your shoulder. A lot of people are starting behind the 8-ball right now. Just do you, show me what you got, and you will get the respect of your teammates and we will all ride with you. Weíll have your back, we are all here and are a support system. We will help you get to where you need to get, just help us get to where we need to get as well. It was too long ago that it was you who was getting drafted. Did all of the festivities remind you of your big day?

    PT: The party part of it, yeah, but as far as the nervousness, I was just chilliní. My draft party, I just had to sit in my own room. I had like 300 people over, but I just had to seclude myself and watch it and just get a feel for it and wait for that call. This weekend was nothing like that weekend. I had no stress at all because I knew where was at. I knew that I had a job, at least in the meantime. You know we signed John David Washington, Denzel Washingtonís son. Maybe we can get you on the silver screen?

    PT: Yeah, right. Iíll leave that to him. Now if he needs some extras in a football movie, o.k. But he is on a whole different level. I do have respect for him and his grind. Acting ainít easy. Itís not easy at all, and I know that he will probably say the same about football, so Iíll let him do him, and Iíll do me.

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    Re: Choppin It Up with Pisa 5.3.06

    Great article. THanks for the post! You gotta love Pisa aka Hawaii 5 - 0!

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    Re: Choppin It Up with Pisa 5.3.06

    I like getting some inside scoop from Pisa.

    I looked through his myspace place. It is an interesting place to be.
    People are not shy at all on myspace.

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    Re: Choppin It Up with Pisa 5.3.06

    Thanks for the post / link*, RF4ever. :up:

    PT, definitely good man: kind to the kids, friendly w/friendly people, FIERCE LB TO THE ENEMY. :clanram:

    *.- Very nice site-blog.

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    Re: Choppin It Up with Pisa 5.3.06

    Pisa put this up in his blog (at the same link mentioned in the article):

    Everywhere I go people ask me, "What do you think of the draft? How are the new coaches? Pisa, are you ready for the season?" And I figured, what better place to answers these questions than "My Space." So I've decided to put down my own thoughts on each of these topics in this blog.

    The Draft: 1st pick- Tye 5"9' people say he is way too small to play in the NFL, and his hands are suspect. First of all they forgot to measure that chip on his shoulder that makes him a foot taller. and as far as his hands go I saw the higlight of him pulling down an acrobatic catch. On behalf of the Rams organization, Clemson and coach Bowden thank you very much , we'll take a good player and make him great!

    The tight end's. Joe klopfenstein which I don't to much about except for what his old teamate at CU tell's me (Drew Wahlroos LB) and Dominique Byrd who I like a lot. However, I do know this much, in Coach Linehans offense the tight end position will be a key part. The more athletic that player is in that position the more dangerous our outside recivers will be. Can you imagine Torry Holt and Issac Bruce becoming even more dangerous?

    Claude Wroten 3rd pick out of LSU. I heard he had some off the field trouble with the mary jane. In this day and age I've heard that helps cure problems right? Maybe not. but anyways that shouldn't be a problem because he will have lots of money and time to just hang out.

    The rest of the picks I don't know much about either so ya'll gonna have to wait until the next team mini-camp.

    Ahhh the new coaching staff. How are they? Are they going to help? And with a straight face and honest answer I can say "Yes". These men too are proffesionals. Some of the best brains offensively and defensively out there. We all know of Haslett and the toughness he brings, and are learning more about Linehan and his prominent offenses but watch out for defensive back coach Willy Robinson and Linebackers coach Rick Venturi to also upgrade their coached positions and the team as well.

    Last but definetly not least ME! How Am I? Tired... I don't know if you can tell from about halfway through this blog but I wasn't a good student. This writing stuff isn't easy, This might even be my first and last blog, but anyways I'm doing great. I'm happy to still be a part of this team and am expecting to supercede anything I have accomplished previously in my career. During the last mini-camp I felt a peace within that I haven't felt in a very long time. If you think I was good then you should see me now, for real. But not only myself but other guys like Chavous, Witherspoon, Glover who will help me carry the load.

    Well thats about it for now. And no this won't be my last blog I will do this every Wed. so check me out! Thanks for all the support and make sure to check me out at Sport's Fanatic in the west County Mall on Sat. May, 6. at about 1:30. I'll be signing autographs for sometime. Everyone Take Care and GO RAMS,



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