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    Choppin’ It Up with Pisa: April 3
    Choppin’ It Up with Pisa
    Monday, April 3, 2006

    By Pisa Tinoisamoa
    Special to

    Choppin’ it Up with Pisa is hyphy!! If you are not from the West Coast, you may not know what that means, but we will explain it to you. We also will let you know how tough the NFC West will be this year, and who will win the NCAA Championship. Now that’s hyphy… It’s the third week of offseason training. It seems like we are getting more and more guys in here as time goes on.

    PT: Yeah, man. You should see the punter we just got, Turk. That guys is a beast! I thought that he was a middle linebacker! He’s been in here working out. Guys are in good shape. Guys know that they are going to get a serious workout when they come in here, and they know that it is getting closer to that time, so everyone is looking good and feeling good. In the NFC West this year, it is going to be so important to stop the run. We have Shaun Alexander in Seattle, Steven Jackson here and Edgerrin James in Arizona. The NFC West may revert to the old days and do nothing but run, run, run.

    PT: And you still have guys that can catch the ball too. Seattle got Nate Burleson and Darrell Jackson now, Arizona had two receivers go to the Pro Bowl this year (Larry Fitzgerald and Anquan Boldin), and we have Torry and Isaac, so they’re still beasts out there. The NFC West, people have been laughing at us, but if you look at it, Seattle has been to the Super Bowl, and if it wasn’t them, it was us back in 1999 and 2001. We put teams out there. There is a lot of talent in this conference, and now we have even more guys overe here. Now there is big Larry Allen in San Francisco that we have to face, so it’s getting serious over here in this west division. You watch any Final Four games this weekend? I didn’t see Brandon Chillar in here today. I hope he didn’t party to hard after the UCLA victory.

    PT: I hope his team is not feeling like that today because they have a big one ahead of them. We have just been making fun of Trev Faulk and LSU’s Big Baby. He looked more like Big Winded in the game this weekend because he was hurting out there. I don’t think Big Baby expected to be playing in April.

    PT: He must have been worrying about the spring break or something. Yeah, I got to see it. It was good for Chillar and his team (UCLA), but like you said he partied a little too hard and missed out today. You have UCLA and Florida in the finals. Who do you think is going to win?

    PT: I don’t know how Florida keeps sneaking in there. They did it with Mike Miller when he was there. They keep coming out of left field. Growing up on the west coast, I grew up watching guys like Toby Bailey and the O’Bannon brothers, so I am kind of partial. If I had to put my money on one team, I hope Chillar doesn’t read this, but I have to go with Florida. Florid is looking pretty good right about now. Man, I am trying to implement some of the West Coast lingo into my everyday conversations. What does the word “hyphy” mean?

    PT: Hyphy is just like a movement. People explain it like what “crunk” means, except on the west coast. If you see somebody wearing a nice outfit, that can be hyphy. You look hyphy right now. You can see a beautiful girl and she can be hyphy. Anything can be hyphy. It’s just a word that explains outrageous, fun. It’s just a west coast word for “crunk.” The Rams are hyphy.

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    Re: Choppin’ It Up with Pisa: April 3

    "PT: Yeah, man. You should see the punter we just got, Turk. That guys is a beast! I thought that he was a middle linebacker! He’s been in here working out."

    great news...i guess hes not the injured old fart some ppl thought he was lol


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