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Thread: Chris Long

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    ramfan247 Guest

    Re: Chris Long

    I think Long has had a heck of year. I think he's got promise to be a pro bowler with some further development.

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    Re: Chris Long

    Quote Originally Posted by NJ Ramsfan1 View Post
    That said, he has done NOTHING to show me he's some kind of defensive superstar- which is what the number 2 player in the entire draft should be..
    What exactly are you expecting from Long and is there any of the following defensive 1st draft picks performing better than Chris so far?

    5 Kansas City Dorsey, Glenn DT
    6 NY Jets Gholston, Vernon DE
    7 New Orleans Ellis, Sedrick DT
    8 Jacksonville Harvey, Derrick DE
    9 Cincinnati Rivers, Keith LB
    10 New England Mayo, Jerod OLB
    11 Buffalo McKelvin, Leodis CB

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    Re: Chris Long

    Quote Originally Posted by NJ Ramsfan1 View Post
    It's obvious you guys just want to bust my balls.
    I believe you asked a question and gave an opinion. I also believe that numerous posters answered your question and gave their own opinions. Just because your opinions contrast does not mean that anyone was trying to "bust your balls". to be perfectly honest, I'd like to keep a safe distance from your balls at all times, and I'm hoping that this is the last we hear of them.

    Quote Originally Posted by NJRamsfan1
    He's had zero tackles the last two weeks. My mistake- I don't have a right to be critical of him. Carriker has done a great job, also (NOT). We should have drafted two offensive linemen the last two seasons, then maybe our offense would be worth a sh##.
    Your 'right' to be critical of Long, or whomever you like, is inalienable. And you've proven that with the big sarcastic capital letters.

    I'd like to think that statistics do not tell the entire story, especially when evaluating rookies, and even more especially () when it comes to evaluating defensive linemen. I believe that the problem does not rest wholly with our front 4, who, IMO, have been a bright spot on the defense this year, but that the problem rests with the Linebacking corps and the Strong Safety.

    Traditionally, it is the role of the lineman to tie up blockers to free the Linebackers to make the tackles. It appears this season that our linebackers have forgotten how to tackle entirely, taking poor routes to the ballrunner which results in frequent missed tackles and subsequent big gains. The safety position has evolved rather dramatically in the last ten years or so. No longer do teams start one archetypal 'coverage' safety and one 'run-stopping' safety, but safeties nowadays are required to do both. This is in response to the expansion of the role of Tight End in recent years, whereby Tight Ends in the current climate are utilised both as a threat in the passing game and as a blocker. The problem is that Corey Chavous does not appear to be able to do either thing well, meaning he is hopeless against the run and not much better against the pass.

    If this defense is to get better, the DL will have to continue to progress, undoubtedly, but the Linebacking Corps and the Safeties also have to shoulder a large part of the blame. If those areas are improved, then it is my opinion that the entire defense will become more cohesive... and we can stop nitpicking flaws in our first round picks.

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    Re: Chris Long

    Long starts every game, but I know he is not getting as many snaps per game as he did under Linehan.

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    Re: Chris Long

    If the Rams draft 3 more Longs maybe they'll have a decent defensive line in a few years. Right now the line is a mess with the only positive for the future being that Long could pan out into a week in week out force. Little is done in my opinion and the rest, including Carricker, aren't showing much.

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    Re: Chris Long

    Quote Originally Posted by AvengerRam View Post
    Among rookie DL, Chris Long is second in tackles (35, to Glenn Dorsey's 36), and first in sacks (4.0, tied w/Cliff Avril). At this pace, Long would finish the season with 43 tackles and 5 sacks.

    Mario Williams' stats as a rookie: 47 tackles, 4.5 sacks.

    Does that mean that Chris Long will have 25 sacks in the next 2 years? No. But it is way too soon to judge him.

    From what I've seen, he's more consistently around the QB than any other DL on the Rams.
    Quote Originally Posted by Mooselini View Post
    Are you kidding me?!?!

    Rookie seasons..

    Mario Williams - 4.5 sacks 47 tackles
    Patrick Kerney - 2.5 sacks
    Kyle Vanden Bosh - .5 sacks his rookie season...3.5 sacks his second season
    Osi Umenyiora - 1 sack
    Michael Strahan - 1 sack
    Aaron Kampman - .5 sacks rookie season...2 his next season.

    look at these guys now later in their future. You cannot base rookie DE stats and determine their play making abilities. Some players have great rookie seasons like Jarred Allen though.
    Great points guys, bottom line is DE's struggle in year one usually but Long has done a great job this year. Now his tackling could improve, and it will he'll have a great sophmore season, he has greatness all over him.

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